My Camera & My Chai: India An Alternate History


In 1576, Maharana Pratap Singh decided to battle with the Mughal Emperor, Akbar. Some say he won, and some say Akbar won. Most likely Akbar won. Anyway, Maharana Pratap’s army consisted of Hindus and Muslims, as did Akbar’s.

While Maharana Pratap was a brave king, he did not win the battles, and waged guerrilla warfare thereafter. However, the Government of Rajasthan has decided to rewrite college history, and present Maharana Pratap as the winner of the battle against the demonic Muslim forces.

Several centuries later, Ala ud-din Khalji defeated the forces in a place called Chittorgarh. While the accounts of the times do not mention a Queen called Padmavati, later legends seem to have created one, and a modern film maker decided to make a film, depicting an affair between the King & the Queen. A bit unfortunate, as she has become associated with chastity. The film maker was smacked by local goons for his pains, for depicting the Queen in a bad light, as she is Hindu. The film maker is also Hindu.

Therefore, I am now going to offer, in brief, an alternative history of India since 1100 AD

The Delhi Sultanate never was formed, and Mohammed Ghori did not defeat the Hindu forces. Instead, the Rajput forces defeated them, and the Kings of the Delhi Sultanate were vassals of the Rajput Kings.

In 1526, Babur was allowed to come into India, and defeat Ibrahim Lodi. Until the death of Aurangzeb in 1707 or thereabouts, the Mughals paid tribute to the Rajputs.

Thereafter, the Marathas, jealous of the wealth of the Rajputs, made inroads into Delhi, and made the Mughal Emperors vassals of the Marathas.

The Bengalis wanted their share of the spoils, and invited The East India Company into India, and cunningly helped the British take over more and more of India. Which is why Calcutta became the richest city in India.

The historians are divided on the events of 1947. But, the Hindus wanted the British out of India, so they were booted out. In the goodness of the Hindu heart, they donated large tracts of land to the Muslims, and so Pakistan was born. Many Muslims decided to stay in India because of Hindu benevolence, and so we have a country of Hindus and Muslims.

It is well known that the modern numbering system came from India.

What is not well known, is that Newton’s Laws of Motion, and Einstein’s Theory of Relativity were inspired by old Indian epics like the Ramayana & Mahabharatha

Cars and planes were modelled on the flight & chariot patterns depicted in these same epics.

Of course, I can go on. If anyone would like more details, I am happy to provide a second version in the next weeks…


  1. No one can seriously dispute your version, Rajiv, since there are no remaining witnesses. History is written by the victors, and I suspect a lot of what we believe about history is totally false.

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