The Saga of Mary Jane – 26


Poof……. Poof …….. Poof!” The word had such a marvelous and magical ring to it. “Poof!”, and suddenly, Batman, Mary Jane and Harley Quinn had disappeared! The Old Man thought that he had made them disappear, but no – it was I, Loki, who mad them disappear and vanish into thin air. The Joker and Spiderman have been caught in my web. Hee! Hee! Hee!

Where have they gone? Are they dead? Maybe. Wait. Death would be too kind, too easy for them. No, no, no.

Death, my old friend, and I have had many long walks and talks together, yet it is not time for me to give them over to him. Oh no. I am too selfish for that. They are mine, and where they are, is my secret. It is mine, and it is for me alone to devise the little tortures and chastisements that I have in mind for them. They must suffer until I decide to bring them back.

So, little reader, let me keep my secret in the dark and hidden recesses of my soul. Don’t attempt to pry open my secrets, and I won’t attempt to pry open yours. You see, I am Loki, I am the Game Player, the Trickster, the Puppet Master. It is I who pull the strings, write the stories, and everyone dances to my tune.

So, let them be. Let them burn, and let their souls burn in the little tortures and punishments that I have dreamed up and, I shall dance to the music of the raging fires that shall roast them alive.

Hee! Hee! Hee! Yes, me – Loki. I am indeed the Master of the Game!

Now, let me turn your attention to the figures we have left, frozen, on the street below us. The Hobbits. Yes, they too were destined to disappear, but someone old and ancient pleased their cause. In the mercy of my heart – the mercy that defines me – I I have spared them. You see, I, Loki, am The Merciful One.

Poison Ivy. Hmmm, she is a delectable little angel, and I am sure that The Old Man will like her and teach her a few things that she will adore.

Who is The Old Man, and who is The Wench next to him? He is old indeed, almost as old as ancient history. His fame had spread far and wide in the land where he lived, and dangerous foes had been sent to stop him.

Hee! Hee! Hee!! Now, it is time for me to withdraw. It is indeed time for him to rise again, and for you to learn a little about his alternate history.

Wait, my friends, wait. Wait, with bated breath for his history. Let us see which direction she, who is known as Esther, would like me to take you.

Wait, my friends, wait…



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