Shall We Go To The Movies?


There was a time when going to the movies was an event.

Sadly, many of the old ones have perished. These old ones, in Delhi for instance, each had a character of it’s own.

You went to Chanakya, for instance, for the seats, the ambience, the carpeting.

In the old Mughal times, there were no cinemas. Excelsior was one of the theatres that was set up during the times of British India. Even in those days, there were traffic jams, as per the old quotes that I recently read while researching Delhi.

The memories of those old theatre goers live on in the bones of the old theatres, the bones that are still standing.

But, like dust, they shall return to dust. New traditions emerge, and the age changes.


  1. I love old theaters. We are going to one next week for a Valentine’s Day sing along with an organist preforming the music. Then they show the classic movie Casablanca. I love it.

  2. You are so right about this. I asked Alex if she wanted to go to a movie and she said no let’s just watch one at home! Kind of takes all the fun out of that experience! Love this post my friend! 🙂

    1. Thank you!!

      Now, tell Alex I told her to go to the movies with you. Then, she can eat popcorn, and do all the things you disapprove of… After that, when you roll your eyes, she can video record you, and send me the film….

      Think about it!

      1. I love that idea for sure I would get an eye roll from her. She does that a lot with he. Lol we do love theater popcorn. I am going to ask her again this weekend I hope she goes. 🌼💛

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