Tuesday Afternoon


It is not often that I make two posts in one day…

But, today is Tuesday, and I was in a traffic jam. I usually have my Nikon Coolpix with me, so I popped out of the car, and took this ‘grab shot’

When I took the shot this afternoon, my mind went back years to a group that was quite famous in the 1960’s, and they did make some remarkable music in their time.

How many of you remember The Moody Blues?

This is their song ‘Tuesday Afternoon”, from the album “Days Of The Future Past”.

Their album artwork was always fantastic.

Here they are. “Tuesday Afternoon.”


  1. Love the way you captured this shot, and I think it captures the sentiments of sitting in traffic in many South East Asian cities. Afternoon, after work, sun blazing overhead, warm weather, weary drivers and passengers…yet this all what tells us that a city is alive with the hustle and bustle. Love the warm tones 🙂

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