My Camera & My Chai: Social-Unsocial


I have been largely absent from WordPress for almost two months now. I pop by, and look around and post something, and then I disappear.

Now, this is not because I have suddenly developed snobbishness or something. It is just that I have suddenly become quite overwhelmed by everything that is out there.

My brain is old, weak and feeble. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, 500 px, VuewBug, WordPress, 500px, Nikonians, Behance Flickr, Fine Art America, Zazzle….. they all haunt my dreams, and my waking spaces.

Don’t forget WhatsApp and WeChat.

Oh yes, there is LinkedIn as well

Plus, Medium….

Did I forget to mention Ted?

They all scream for attention. Our attention.

So, what happened, is that  I did not have the time to chalk out all the stuff that I want to do with respect to my business/photography and writing plans.

Suddenly, being social was not about being social, but was about being unsocial, as I did not have time for friends and family.

Sigh. Don’t blame me. I am old fashioned. I am not like one of you young guns who floats happily between screen and finger with the click of a brain synapse.

My brain synapses are slowly creaking, and are beginning to feel the stress.

Someone told me that nowadays, we have more knowledge (call that data) generated in one week, than the world, in the early 1800’s, generated in a year.

What he forgot to mention was that the day in the early 1800’s comprised of 24 hours, as it does today. Each hour is comprised of 60 minutes, which is comprised of 60 seconds.


Oh… my God!

And, given the fact that there are more people now, there are more parents, uncles, aunts, cousins, friends, secret lovers etc screaming for attention in ‘real time’.

Oh….. my Gawd!

So, I decided that I need to chalk out a social media strategy, and figure out where I want to be…

Else, it will be the looney bin for me!



  1. I know what you mean. I only pay attention to WordPress. I have no time for Tweets and Instagram and all the other stuff. A photography course forced me to join Instagram which I can’t wait to stop doing in a month or so. What I do like are the connections to people and other photographers that I make here.

  2. Oh, and I forgot to say I loath Facebook because it is shallow and full of trivialities and falsehoods. I only post my photos there because I was told it was a good idea by my photography teachers, Fortunately, WP can post to FB and Twitter and send off posts to those and a few others automatically.

  3. Yes, I am overwhelmed with all those online “social media” also. I have to ignore most of them in order to have time to do things I have (or really want) to do.

  4. It’s called Triage, Rajiv. You have to weed through all those things and decide on a hierarchal scale what is most important to you.

      1. The whole idea is to deal with the issues that are most important to you. That, in fact, should make things a little easier for you.

      2. True, true… It is making those initial choices that is crazy…

        So, this is indeed one of my focus areas for January.. To plan the rest of the year!

      3. Yeah… I guess that I have to do it. Sigh!

        I will resume the album work in March. I want to finish my ebook in Jan… In Feb, I want to finish “The Journey To Hell”, and to write our basic photography classes…

        “The Journey To Hell” is now going to be part 1 of a trilogy

  5. I sit and have my coffee in the am and flick between FB, Instagram , here and Twitter . When supervising my puppies outside o also have a quick look. It can be overwhelming . I might add I also have chronic illness’s so some days these are my connections with the ” outside” world. Everyone has to find what works for them xxx I did wonder where you were xx

  6. Gosh, I know what you mean, Rajiv. I feel totally overwhelmed at times and want to run away from it all. I’ve resolved to stay on WordPress and Facebook (which I don’t interact with much, anyway) and leave all the other twittery nonsense things alone.

    1. I will probably stay on these two. I don’t use FB much. Also, 500 px, Nikonians, and maybe Fine Art America

      Also, LinkedIn

      Sadly, I may have to forego FLickr, That does mean though, that I will reduce the amount of time I actually spend blogging on WP. I was doing 5 posts a week, and that may come down to a maximum of two

      1. I’ve never even heard of 500 px or Nikonians, although I assume these are platforms for photographers. I’ll find you on Linkedin, although I’ve never really worked out how I should be using it.

  7. We are the same! I find it ‘all’ overwhelming so I’ve chosen few… and happily so 😀
    Enjoy your family and figuring out what you want to give your energies to.

  8. Judging from the posts here…..why is social media so addicting (which it is)? Why is Mark Zuckerberg making millions? And others in that position.

    1. I wish i knew i had the answer to that? Possibly, a combination of things?

      People’s desire to connect?
      People’s love of showing off themselves?

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