Blue Sky


I was away in Jaipur last week, and what a difference from Delhi-Gurgaon. While the sky in Jaipur does not have the same deep blue shade that the skies in Europe (for instance) can acquire, they were blue. This is something we all noticed, especially as contrasted with the greyer hues that we have become accustomed to in Delhi NCR.

This time around, I did not focus on photography, but I went to the garden near the hotel quite often, and just allowed the autumn sun to seep into me. I say autumn sun, because we are not having a cold winter this year.

The birds sang, and this again, is a sound we have forgotten in Delhi-NCR. It’s nice to hear the birds sing. Simple pleasures can indeed be quite satisfying and fulfilling.

While driving back to Delhi-NCR, we noticed the sky over the horizon turning a distinct shade of grey.

It is strange how we take simple things for granted, until we lose them – sitting in a park, listening to the birds sing, under the canopy of a blue sky.

So now that the year 2016 is done, and it has been a crazy year, I wish all of you in 2017, simple pleasures, blue skies, the songs of birds and nature and all that is wonderful in this crazy world of ours.

Oh, the picture above was shot in Jaipur while I was having lunch at a lovely outdoor restaurant.

I also leave you with a classically great song – ‘Blue Sky’, performed by superb musicians in full flow.




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