The Magic Frame: Luminar & India Today



The Luminar holiday offer.

The Aurora HDR holiday offer.

I had posted this picture a few days back on Monochrome Madness. We do have a messy situation in India, with many people simply not having enough cash on them. The situation is bad enough in the rural areas, with people spending lots of time in the bank lines only to find that the banks have run out of cash. We have cards and mobile payment systems. The situation is worse in the rural areas, and I am sure that the old man must be very worried.

However, we believe that this is being done for a good purpose, which is why there are no demonstrations yet. We believe that this will gradually make us a more transparent  society.

We shall see. The future is ours to make.

When I made this photograph (and, it is not yet perfect), I wanted to bring together all these elements, and not only put it in the context of the country, but represent some of the messiness of the current situation.

This picture was edited using Macphun’s Luminar, and finished off using Nikes Analogue Pro

Making the composite was brilliantly simple in Luminar. All you need to do, is to add an image adjustment layer, transform the image (if you want), and brush away – or in – the parts that you want to hide (or, show)

It is indeed a marvellous editing software, and it well worth for a Mac use to give it a spin. There is a fantastic offer ongoing now, and if you click the links above, you will be taken straight to the offer.


      1. Oh, I will… As of now, people are patient. The business men are trying to find ways and means to beat it,

        Others are slowly switching to digitial/card payments systems

        The villagers?

      2. It does indeed…. To top it all, my sister who lives in the US believes my mom does not need an ATM cum debit card. Sigh…

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