Monochrome Madness – India Today


This is India Today…

In urban India, we stand in lines for cash

In rural India, as the old man does, they just stand in despair…..

No smart phone technology to transfer money

No credit cards

No cash – in the banks or ATMs

Where do they go, my lovelies?


    1. That is also true…

      But, I wrote a dark piece based on his song, you know.

      I wonder what happened to him. Sadly, the modern world of grammar dismisses people like him as ‘one hit wonders’. Does he still get royalty from that song?

  1. Rajiv, that’s another work of art. It is so telling about the hardships that are being incurred. Can you submit it to a new paper? They are standing on the currency, the old man in despair, the line ups at the bank. Your work says it all.

    1. I am not sure that a newspaper would be interested. But maybe, I will send it to a magazine of the same name!

      While I believe that the Prime Minister’s intention was noble – if he spent 6 months secretly planning this, as they say – he could have done better.

      It seems that the Government will never print the same amount of money, However, the large fruits &vegetable wholesale markets, even now, refuse to transact in anything but cash. So..

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