The Cobbler


Shot with my mobile phone, and edited in Snapseed

The humble cobbler provides a vital service in India.


  1. Nice photograph of a man providing his trade. It is interesting that he is barefoot. We walked by a someone in Los Angeles recently doing the same thing. It’s very rare to see a shoe repair place in the US, let alone someone working on the street out of the back of his car. Now I wish I had stopped and taken his photograph.

  2. There’s a pose in yoga called ‘cobbler pose’ and I never really understood why a cobbler would be in such a pose… but looking at your cobbler I can see how such a pose was named. Very interesting.

  3. They are losing count in the city. Interestingly, a lot of makeshift tailoring people have been sitting with their machines and mending piles here, there, everywhere. Taking a pic as soon as I get the chance. 😀 Thanks for the inspiration. Do you have those old-new-tailor-people where you live?

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