My Camera & My Chai: The Line


Now, I want to show you a line. It is essential for all of you who have forgotten all your junior schools mathematics.

Behold – the line


Now, ever since our dear and beloved Prime Minister decided that 80% of our notes are useless, we discovered the mathematics of two things:

  • The Line
  • The Zero.

Oh, did I forget to show you the zero?

Here it is.


So, here we are in the lines, looking for cash. But, there is no cash. Zero.



So now, news spreads fast. On the WhatsApp circuit, the news has spread that Sweden is a cashless society.

We are now a country of Brown Swedes.

And, we are conscientious of the climate. No cash. No plastic.


Only lines.

Then, someone posted a video of Hitler moaning about this problem.

Here it is

Now, life gets crazy.

One day, they say you can use the old 1000 and 500 rupee notes at petrol pumps till the 15th December

Then, they say, sorry…. you can only use the 500 rupee notes

Then, on Friday they said that you can only use them till midnight! So then, there were lines at petrol pumps.

Meanwhile, as you will see from the video below – if it uploads – that the rich and crooked have got fines and loan payments waived.

Some say that he did this to control black money.

Some say that China and Pakistan were about to flood India with fake currency

Some even say that the mobile networks were not making money, so this is a cunning ploy to get people to stand in lines and send videos via WhatsApp out of sheer boredom.

Pity the person who needs to pee while standing in the line. They pee and then go back to the end of the line.

Sigh. The video not get uploaded…..

But, the lines continue, and at the end of the lines, is the zero

Don’t forget, it is we Indians who invented the ‘zero’, and gave mathematics a huge boost. We are only going back about 2,000 years or so.

Seriously. Barter works !

You see the line heading to the zero?

Well, we do have the new 2,000 rupee note. No one wants it. When the banks dish it out, we say – pleeeeeeeease…. Nooooooo…..

Give us 100 rupee notes. But, the banks don’t have 100 rupee notes.

We are back to the lines, and back to zero!


The note is pretty and pink…. But, unloved!




      1. YEah. Still, people are patient

        The bigger problem lies in the villages. Think of them, with limited, or no access to “smart” technology or ATMs or?

        The new notes did not fit the ATMs, so the ATMs had to be re-calibrated

      2. Hard to say. Some say that he had no time, because Pakistan was about to flood India with fake notes. We shall see, and never really know

      1. true dat…my corner of the world,change is so tough…sigh…the things we do to catch black marketeers…oh wait…this is for cashless society naa:)

      2. Oh, change is tough here as well. I don’t like to spend my precious 100 rupee notes!

        Companies like PayTm will be benefiting hugely

  1. That is pink for embarrassment. Instead of taxing those that they should the government suddenly says the paper in your hands that used to be money is just paper. It is madness! I’m glad you have managed to maintain your sense of humor. Personally, I think that the world is mad with only a few sane people left.

  2. Reblogged this on lovehappinessandpeace and commented:

    Addresses a Social Issue of National Interest, (to India), errr, I should change that, of International Interest, as evinced by pertaining to hitler himself. …Also, as seen by this, spanning across all barriers of Time!

    AND HUMORUOUS! …Rajiv’s writing is Super, of course, but the Video of hitler is a Gem.

    Thank You, my Dear Rajiv! We Need More posts like these from You. Till the 15 Lakhs arrive, and even after that, Keep posting like this, Please, Please, Please! 🙂

    Regards, One and All!


      1. Ah, but I do, my Dear Rajiv! Through this Your post You became one of those who have Lifted me up, (and lifting up who knows how many more!), making Life Live-able, and giving meaning and Strength to Our Fights!

        AAAAALL the Best! 🙂

    1. I think most people realise the reason he has done this, so they are patient.

      Although, many say that he had no time, and had to do it, because Pakistan was about to flood India with fake notes. It does seem that fake notes, printed inChina, make their way into India via Pakistan

      1. Rajiv, I read in one of our Canadian News papers that this was done to prevent tax evasion. They are really trying to hamstring the people.

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