An Apple And A Flower


I took this photo long ago, during my last ever trip as a corporate honcho. I was staying at The Trident Hotel, in the Bandra-Kurla Complex in Bombay.

The apple was for me to eat, which I dutifully did. The flower in the vase was part of the decoration

The original is not bad.

I decided to have fun with it, and edited it using a bunch of Macphun filters

Oh, there are some fantastic deals going on, for Luminar, and Aurora HDR 2017

Click the links embedded in the texts above to access these offers, till the 1st December.


  1. Nice edit… Interesting article but I don’t edit any of my photos. May be one day I will change my mind, who knows? Before, I will have to find a shop where to buy some “patience”… 🙂

      1. Ah.. maybe you should look at Photoshop CC or Luminar.

        Luminar is very easy, very user friendly.. if you click the link i put in my blog, it will take you to the Luminar site. They have a super offer on till the 1st Dec

        Long term you will need Photoshop/Lightroom/Bridge CC

      2. Thank you for the information, Rajiv. Yesterday, I had a look towards Luminar upon reading your post… I might be considering their offer… I need something simple and easy to use to start with, slowly but surely, isn’t it?

      3. Luminar is indeed very simple. It allows you to move from the beginner stage to the more advanced stage very easily.

        You will enjoy it

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