I also grew up in…


Before Nainital, there was London. Well, there was Kenton, Harrow, Middlesex, actually. This was just outside London.

I still remember the street where I lived, and I can almost reconstruct our walk to school. My memories of my friends of the time is restricted to their names, the crap we did – but not their faces.

Yeah, I do remember Guy Fawkes Day, before the Americans decided to popularise Halloween.

Okay, I am ancient. So, I remember The Beatles, PJ Proby’s ponytail, Cilla Black, Dusty Springfield, The Tremeloes

I also remember EPs, LPs and matchbox cars. And, the boy scouts.

Oh yes…. tap dancing!


I took these pictures with a point and shoot when we went on holiday to the UK several years ago.

The place was full of McDonalds and Balti restaurants – Indian restaurants run by Bangladeshi folk.

Strangely, London did not have much charm for me. I actually found it rather gross. Strange, eh? Me Indian saying that!

What I did like about England was the countryside. That is where the charm of the country lies.

Life, eh? Memories, dreams and reflections, to borrow from Carl Jung!



  1. Yes, London… Me too I spent some of my young age years there… I studied in Cambridge and I do remember going out with friends… What about Dinky Toys :)… Nice photos too, Rajiv!

  2. I was born in the US but grew up in London. When I was a teenager we moved to New York City. I prefer London to NYC — it has more charm and is less hectic. My son who was born in NYC moved to London and met his wife there and has a son. We didn’t manage to move so I am stuck here.

  3. I must protest! London has charm! Its lovely on a summers day in the parks, or on the embankment, in the markets or the xmas lights – I concur the countryside is better tho 🙂

  4. I have to agree with the previous Blogger. London is beautiful, you just have to look. Its been reborn and its stunning. Forget the Tourist Bits… go and see where they are re-building. Wonderful places around St Pancras. British Library and then walk through the Station. Over to the Guardian Building – have lunch on the canal and watch the boats and then back to where they are rebuilding the old stables to give Camden a run for its money. Old building still restored and not demolished. London has its soul back again…..

    and have you visited The Barbican Garden.

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