The Magic Frame: Wacom


I recently moved to using a Wacom tablet. After the initial teething issues in setting it up – due to my own thick brain – the romance really began.

For one, my fingers stopped hurting. I had been using a mouse all my life, and I had actually stopped enjoying  editing. I was in real fear that I would end up with arthritis, and despite being advised by many photographers, I kept postponing the decision. I went through three mice, and no…. I did not eat the mice. I am talking about electronic mice here, not the ones with blood and bones and flesh.

Anyway, you may remember this photo from last week


Now, look at the steps below:


There are several layers where I used a brush.

One, to brush back some colour.                                                                                                              Two, to burn in some colour onto the rose.

The beauty of the Wacom, is that I could slowly brush in colour and depth as I wanted. It was so much more accurate than the mouse, and I could work with the pen pressure to work my way through the picture in a way that is impossible with a mouse.


Luckily for me, while I cannot draw, I can shade quite well. Also, despite the fact that I am built like a mini Yokozuna, I have a soft hand.

For all those who love editing, and have not made the move yet – move to the Wacom. You will never look back.

For me, if it were not for the Wacom, I would have been seriously contemplating giving up editing.

Go for it.


  1. I’ve used a Wacom tablets since soon after they first came out. I have an old Intuos 5 Wacom, not the expensive new ones that show the image on the tablet. I’d love to have one — just can’t afford it. I use a tablet for all my fine work. I love pressure sensitivity. For basic commuter stuff like text I still prefer the mouse. The best program for getting the most out of a Wacom tablet is Corel Painter.

    1. I bought one after a year of discussion with photographers. Amazing, huh!

      I am still getting used to the pressure sensitivity, but I love it!

      What I bought was the Intuos Pro Small. I can’t believe that I wasted so much money on mice

      For normal computer work, I use a basic mouse

  2. Good on you Rajiv! How awesome that the tablet works for you.
    I bought a small one a while back and haven’t been using it much at all – must get it out again. They are a amazing!
    My son bought be a gaming mouse and control mouse pad – they are awesome too, but I do love the tactile feel of the pen in my hand. Thanks for the reminder.
    Lovely image.

      1. Oh…. I use debit and credit cards as much as possible.

        ATMs are still not fully functional. The government goofed. The new 2,000 rupee notes are smaller, it seems, and do not fit the ATM machines.

        Moreover, those who did withdraw 2,000 rupee notes from the banks, are having problems using them as no one has change to give them. The new 500 rupee notes have still not reached the banks.

        Methinks, they should have arranged for money in the banks before they did this

        The lines are long, and I have been told to wait till the 24th before I can deposit my old notes. This will take about 4-6 weeks to settle down.

        The impact? Markets will be very jittery for a while

      1. But, you must get it… Serious… You will fall in love!! I mean, you will still love your husband, of course…. But, you know what I mean;)

  3. I’m actually in the market for the new Wacom Cintiq Pro 16″ (mobile display later to be released I 2017) or the new Mobilestudio Pro 16″ ( windows 10 and display computer all-in-one). I just wish they would release more information on both so I can make a solid decision. I too am moving from the caveman way of using the mouse as a drawing tool. I just know once I start using it my illustrations are going to be so much more refined and done at a much faster pace.

    1. Ah… I spoke to a lot of photographers, and they recommended the Intuos Pro. Some use the medium and some buy the small.

      I use the small, and I am glad. The medium would have been too big for my table.

      However, on YouTube, I did see an illustrator at work, and he seemed to be using a large sized tablet.

      YouTube, and chat forums are a great place to get information

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