Nainital. Where I Sorta Grew Up

Two photographs of Nainital, where I grew up. It is – if you take the tourists away – still, a beautiful town




It is still where I have my spiritual home

The town is 6,600 feet (2,000 metres) above sea level.

In those days, we’d get snow in November. Now, a lone snowflake occasionally tries to strike a brave path down from the heavens

In those days, the highest day time temperature in the year used to be 25 degrees Celsius  – or roughly 76 degrees F. Now, they use ceiling fans.

In those days, we’d see one or two cars a year. Now, there are traffic jams

In those days, at the far end of the lake, we had a flat piece of land called The Flats. We’d use it for inter school football. There was a movie hall called Capitol. Now, they have been replaced by a parking lot.

In those days, at The Flats, a military band would play every evening, by the lakeside. Now, the cars blare the latest, Bollywood movie songs, resulting in the most awful cacophony.

That is the life….

Those were the days my friend/ We thought they’s never end……


    1. Well, at some point, I had to put up something of Nainital!
      Well, Mr Tourist, you are welcome to Nainital. I am sure you are the responsible kind!

  1. Nainital is incredibly beautiful. Where there winding roads to get to the upper levels of housing? That must have been quite the climb.

    1. Nainital is beautiful indeed. Yes, there are some incredible climbs there. Some beautiful ones. But now, people try to drive up. No one likes to walk. Sad

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