America, dui bu qi! In India, we write the date first, and then the month.

So, without trying to take away from the original 9/11, yesterday was quite the 9/11 as well. Two countries, the USA and India, experienced a different kind of 9/11 each.

Donald Trump was elected President of the USA. I felt for the Americans, and I felt for the world at large. What a 9/11!

What were the choices ahead of them?

  1. Donald Trump
  2. Hillary Clinton

The first wants to grab all women by their crotch, and now he has widened his choice set to an international arena. The second is a corrupt, sneaky devil and would stab you in the back, with a smile on her face, and expect you to thank her for the privilege.

In India, if we had a choice between the following, most of us, like the Americans, would just say – what the shit? Is this all we have? Of course, we are blessed. We can put any number of politicians in the following two places, and we would still say –what the shit? Is this all we have? Of course, we do have Rahul Gandhi, and he provides us with our daily dose of laughter.

  1. Mulayam Singh Yadav
  2. Raj Thakeray

Luckily, we have Narender Modi, and he is a sensible choice.

Yet, he gave us his version of 9/11!

Last night, he abruptly withdrew 500 rupee and 1000 notes from the market. This means that most of the money i have with me in hand is worthless. I calculated my money -usable money – this morning, this morning at a chai stall.

I discovered that I had 3 US dollars! And, the banks and ATM were shut. Damn!

So, what did I do? I drove really, really carefully. If I was caught flouting traffic rules, then I would not have usable cash to pay the bribe, or the fine – whichever is less!

So, I dug into my car and pulled out coins totalling up to 8 rupees, which is about 12 US cents, and bought myself a chai at the local chai-wallah. I had arrived early for a meeting. Jokingly, I asked the chai-wallah if the coins were legal tender, and he grinned with evil intent before grabbing it.

I thought that these chaps would be pissed as hell. But, you see, all the chaps on the street were grinning cheerfully and talking about how all the rich, crooked honchos would have a problem in trading in all the hundreds of thousands of dollars that they had stashed away in their mattresses.

No, I am not in that luck-unlucky set.

But, the property market will crash. Wow.

So, I have to go to the bank… deposit cash (the measly amount that I have) and draw it again slowwwwwly!

You see, we are not allowed to withdraw more than 300 USD per week from the account.

In one day, we cannot withdraw more than 60 US Dollars from the ATM

How the hell will I have my chai? They don’t have card machines!

My chai stalls will wither and die away… A whole generation of chai wallah will disappear. India will never be the same.

What a 9/11!

There is something about that combination of numbers that makes them fateful….



  1. Loved your interpretation of things… very creative. Personally, I feel it is a great development…sethjis and babus and politicians must be having a hard time😀😜

  2. It’s just not the babus and businessmen having hard time, it’s a problem for average person too. Someone who accumulated savings over the years even though not liable to income tax, doesn’t have bank account. So it’s a trouble for a common man as well

  3. Rajiv, the US just had a bloodless coup. We had ours last year when we elected a bright eyed, young lad Trudeau.
    He isn’t so bad after all.

      1. Trump may not be the buffoon that he appeared to be.
        The fact that he won is an indication that more people are suffering than benefitting with the move to the NWO.

      2. NWO is??? And on Trump… I heard an analyst say that he spoke to the rust belt, which Clinton did not. And, he used social media well

        Question is – who is worse?

      3. New World Order…..Clinton has some serious hearsay out there – more serious hearsay than womanizing of Trump. We would had WWIII by next November with her.
        The people have spoken. There are more people hurting than not.

      4. New World Order! The NWO that i knew was a wrestling group in TNA Wrestling!

        Yes, with her WW III would have been a possibility

  4. What chaos the world is in! Your counties woes are huge. And here am I wallowing in despair over Trump’s election. By 2020 the world will have lost 2/3 of its animals. If there is a god we need a biblical flood or something to get rid of most of humanity. Trump is just one symptom of the huge problem. This is a depressing day.

  5. I am still ok with the Indian 9/11 but the American one has shaken me off bounds!! I love San Francisco but would hate to move back in the wake of being Trumped!! I am so badly shaken that a great and free country would choose such an *%$£%#<!!

      1. Yeah.. It is

        Question, if I may… are you still living in the US, or have you returned to ‘Zara hate, zara bachke, yeh hai Bombay Meir jaan’?

      2. Am I originally from Delhi? It is my home town, yes….. My family is from here. I was born in Ferozepore, and then kept moving all my life.
        I, in fact, returned to Delhi in 2013 after being away for 20 years. To some extent, I have not recovered from the reverse culture shock..

      3. I think i l have lived more years in bombay than delhi.

        There are many ‘ firsts’ in my life that are associated with bombay.
        First school
        First job after engineering
        First job after mba
        First camera
        First placed i lived in (india) after i returned from china and singapore!

        But…i dont speak marathi!

      4. Oh wow! That means it holds a special place in your life! Well, very few people actually speak only Marathi. Bbay has its own lingo- Bombaiya!!! And immaterial of language anyone is welcome!!

      5. Hahaha!! Absolutely. Actually, Bombay is as we know it because of the multi cultural people. It’s a mini India on the whole. You’ll find everyone from other parts in India in Bombay…and each one calls it home!

  6. Hey, what a coincidence 9/11 Yesterday both at America and India. Amazing !!
    But I loved what Modi did. I just hope it helps eradicate the black money, these Stars, builders and politicians hoard ! But you know how people are. They find the loopholes and turn the whole thing into something else.
    I heard there are people buying those banned notes from people at discounted prices and plan to deposit it in their banks.

  7. I think we live in interesting times. That’s all. And we shall live to tell the tales to our children and grandchildren. That said, I hope this thing is really for the greater good. Btw, what are your thoughts on the new Rs.2000 bill? Pretty in Pink! 😛

      1. I have seen it with someone, but have not got my hands on it yet … As of now, I hoard 100 rupee notes, and ask everyone – including the parking chaps – if they accept debit cards or PayTM!

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