One Photo Focus: November ’16


This is the original picture that was given to us to edit for the current month’s challenge. This time, I came up with two images. The difference between version 1 and version 2, is just the addition of two steps, in group 2 as you will see.

Version One is on the left, and Version Two is on the right.

I opened them in Camera Raw this time.

The above files, from left to right, show the progression along the camera raw process. This time, I applied a split tone at the end.

In Photoshop, I converted the picture to black and white, and then brushed back colour selectively. I applied a burn layer to the rose, which is why it is darker than the original, and increased vibrancy.

This is what you see in Version One below


For Version Two, I simply added a Topaz Texture, with a green-yellow vignette and one more burn layer.


Which version do you prefer?


  1. Hm, I like both but I prefer the second version, the faded one. It has a more romantic antique feeling to it which goes well and matching perfectly the rose, the old wooden chair and the linen…but, that’s only my personal reflection on the image. Which is your pick?

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