Lokispeakz: The Discovery



This little bit of writing is a result of a writing challenge from Esther Newton:

The Discovery:

“It had been a very long time since the two had discovered that each had been unfaithful to each other. Their marriage, originally founded on love, took a strange turn after this discovery. They had decided to stay with each other; indeed, they acknowledged that they loved each other deeply, but they would continue with their various amorous activities.

There were two rules that they had agreed upon. Nay, four. One, that their activities would be carried on outside the home. Two, that they would be extremely discreet. The third and fourth were added over a period of time. These were that they would only indulge in affairs of the body, and not of the heart. Finally, that they would never speak of their domestic matter with their respective paramours.

This arrangement continued well for a while, and everything was good. Their marriage appeared to be rock solid, and they were the toast of society. A marriage founded on the bedrock of love, was transformed into one that was now forged by the rules of partnership and common, shameful, secrets.

Yes, they were powerful indeed, and their smooth and shining faces found their way to, not only magazine covers, but to the soirees of the rich and powerful across the world. Journalists and story tellers fawned upon them, and they were indeed the stars of the day. Indeed, glamour, power and wealth can be powerful drugs that attract all sorts of people. Like the Venus Fly Trap entices its victim, so do the powerful.

Gradually, they forgot the touch of each other’s skin, and all that they remembered, was the clothes that the other wore the previous evening. They remembered their business dealings, but the bodies that they consumed with such lust morphed into each other in a hazy memory of sweat, musk, and shared bodily fluids.

Tastes, once whetted, need more and more exotic fancies to tickle them. One day, she discovered that inflicting pain gave her much pleasure, and he realized that watching these sadistic soirees gave him equal pleasure. Their fantasies changed, and elaborate rituals were planned and executed with ruthless perfection. At the end of every session, the two would come together of old, and their old sexual passion for each other was kindled again.

They had discovered each other once again, albeit in the most perverted manner possible.

Gradually, their passions grew more and more fantastic. They were arrogant in their power. Yet, unbridled power, and unbounded lust also sow their own seeds of destruction.

One day, a burned out dungeon was discovered by the police. However, the two had gone underground. They were nowhere to be seen for months, and no one could discover their whereabouts.

Cosmetic surgery and almost unlimited financial resources are helpful indeed.

She died a few years ago. I have, in the meanwhile, found a new partner. I have continued my games.

What matters is the joy of the game. It is the joy of the kill, the joy of inflicting pain.

This, I have discovered, is the secret to happiness.”


    1. Oh haha!! Not direct personal knowledge, thank goodness!! I have read all the major works by de Sade. At the end of each book, you just feel emotionally drained

      1. Yeah. Well, after I finished reading ‘Juliette’, I was so emotionally exhausted, I wanted to crawl into a hole.

        When I read ‘120 Days of Sodom’, I just felt sick

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