The Magic Frame: Noiseless & Luminar



What I thought that I would do this time around, is to talk about two bits of editing software from MacPhun. One, called Luminar, which is a complete editing package, is being launched on the 17th November. However, the pre-launch starts on the 2nd November.

To go to the site and learn more, click this link:


This takes you to the site, where you can learn more about this. I have seen a short video on Luminar, and it looks really exciting, so click this link – Luminar – and, check it out!

I have used a variety of software for Noise reduction, and the one that I have started to use a lot of, lately, is ‘Noiseless’, also from MacPhun


The picture above is an extremely noisy picture. I had taken it, in a conference room, using my old D 200. If you look at the left side of the picture, you see a lot of noise. In this case, I used the “Extreme” preset, to remove the noise, and it worked very well indeed.

Bear in mind, this image is viewed at 200% magnification, which is quite extreme. You can choose presets from ‘lightest’ to extreme, with two more thrown in.

If this does not give you enough flexibility then you can apply your own adjustments. If you look at the top left, you will see the button for this.

While I have not expanded this section, and I will do so the next time around, the presets allow you a lot of control, especially when you want to decide how much detail you want to protect etc.

The Noiseless Programme is part of their Creative Kit suite.


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