I am going to be more out of WordPress, than on it, for the next week. We are now in Diwali season, and the fever is on. Lots of parties, eating and drinking. At the end, I will have put on all the weight I had painfully lost, and will have to start all over again.

So, I thought I would leave you with something surreal. Some of you may have heard of a group called The Doors, and their singer – Jim Morrison. Yeah, the ones of my vintage would most definitely remember this, but I am not sure of the young ones, especially in my country.

One of their most surreal songs is one called ‘Riders On The Storm’.

I will take you back to the days when I did not have a beard, but was skinny and had hair as long as Jim Morrison’s.

I was in college, and I think we were studying physics or maths. I don’t know how, because we had ingested far too much of some hallucinogenic substance than we should have.

It was 3 am, and there was a storm raging outside. It was a real storm, and the lights were off. My classmates and I sat in my room, opened my window to the storm, and the door of my room. It did not matter that my bed was soaking wet at the end of the song. This could, and did, take care of itself.

So, the storm was raging. It was dark, and it was 3 am, and we were listening to ‘Riders On The Storm.’

And again….

If you want a surreal experience, then that is it….


  1. Enjoy Diwali Rajiv-ji but please… can we have photographic evidence of the youthful Rajiv that you described??? Long haired, lean limbed!!! (I mean youre still lean now… it’s the hair I wanna see!) 😉

    1. Sadly, there is no photographic evidence of those days… But, I was told that, to grow a pony tail, I need to grow my hair for the next six months.

      I am thinking of it!

      1. I hope so… I just woke up, after sleeping for almost 24 hours! Well…. viral fever and a bad stomach are enough to put you into a cheery mood

    1. Enjoy? No… viral fever followed by food poisoning. I vomited last night…. after 27 years! The thought of food makes me sick…

      At least i may lose weight

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