The Magic Frame: Homeward Bound



I cannot help but preen a bit. Just a bit. This picture was shot when I was on the highway in Orccha. It was pouring. The rain was coming down like hammers on my car rooftop, and I was safely ensconced inside. I remember that I was trying to call the hotel, to find the route to the place. We could not hear each other. Just then, this lady walked past, with her goats.

The trees framed the cars nicely. Whole stories were running through my brain, when I took this photograph. However, I shan’t post those stories now.

Anyway, I submitted this for the International Photography Awards(IPA2016), and got an honourable mention. Wow!



      1. each of has a different way of seeing things since our minds are focused on our subject of interest.Even two photographers will see things differently 🙂

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