One Photo Focus: October


For this month, we were given a cell phone photograph, and I must say that this is a most interesting photograph indeed. Lots of possibilities. What I did not want, was to be cheesy at all.

So, I hummed and hawed, and decided to start by making a B&W conversion, with a gradient filer added to the mask.

The rest of the process is in the screen shots below!


What I ended up with, is given below


What is not shown in the process, is the process that I adopted in DXO to straighten the image a bit. I was wondering if I should keep the reddish tone in the image.

I decided to do so. It went, I felt, with the red leather of the sofas.


  1. I was long to comment that I liked your warm reddish tone – it seems opposite of Cee’s cool blues.

    and your reddish hue adds a very relaxed feel (to me at least) and usually the reds are energizing as they can make our eyes focus – but this processing took out the louder contrast of the original and so it had the calm effect – hm

  2. I like the red in it, Rajiv. It’s a very rich colour and it adds some class to what I think would be a nice hotel lobby.

      1. Well thought out process with a beautiful result. On my other side where I have my photography and fashion designs I love to process my photos as well. I really like to work it out in my mind and try to achieve that “vision” for the image. I know that these days a debate is always going on about the photo processing but I like to change things. My mind is pretty restless and I love photography, I’m not a professional one by far, I taught myself the “how to” and enjoy the challenge. Your knowledge of all the processing procedure is amazing and I always like to see it and read it!

      2. Oh, I consider myself a newbie when it comes to processing. No kidding

        I generally don;t work out what I want, in the beginning. I feel my way around.

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