Dining Out



Esther Newton set this last challenge, on the theme of Dining Out. So, I decided to be a bit whimsical…. Though there is more truth in it than I sometimes like

Esther does feature in this bit of Mongrel Verse!

The Man on The Moon went out to eat

He went to a place and ordered some meat

After this, he went and took his seat.

And then on the table, he placed his feet.

The Man on The Moon he ordered some wine,

And said, with meat, I must drink something fine.

To the beggars he said, the pleasure is mine

Eating and drinking is not a big crime.

If I can afford it, I shall bloody gorge

If you yelp and howl, your tongues I will forge.

Don’t look at me with eyes big and sad,

Your fake sorrow just makes me very mad.

I will drink my , without any haste

And my meat? Ha! You don’t get a taste

It is all mine, all mine you dirty rats

I don’t care if you are eaten by the cats.

The Old Man on the Moon ate his full,

Until his belly felt Newton’s pull.

‘Tis not Esther we speak of, but of Isaac

The gravity turned his mood very black.

He got up to leave, but fell to his knees

He had eaten too much, if you please.

Then begged the beggars to help him up,

Their grubby hands covered him with muck.

Back on the Moon, The Old Man cried

Earth is Hell, and I got deep fried;

I went for meat, and some wine,

They blackened my face and it did shine.

The people there are so very mean,

And I like to stay very clean.

They beg, they stare and my plate of food,

And they did ruin my wonderful mood.

The Old Man of The Moon did sulk and pout,

He shook his fist, and he did shout;

The beggars don’t care, and they can’t hear,

Nor see his face now filled with tears!

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