The Magic Frame: Portrait Body Pro



For this one, I actually want to show you a new software, so to speak. I will not buy it, but I have been experimenting with the free trial version.

This is Portrait Body Pro. In the first step, you place the nose, the shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, ankle joints, and the belly button.

Then, you have to place the arm holders, the leg holders etc.

Once this is done you can edit the body.

As you can see, I have remarkably slimmed the lady down. I have raised her bust a bit, and smoothened the skin, and slimmed the arms.

There are basic controls for picture editing as well. You can, for instance, convert the photograph to B&W.

For glamour photography, this programme may very well work, but most people who I shoot, are not models, or film stars. They don’t want to look unrealistically good.

The question now is, how much do we stray across the ethical border when we edit a person like this?

If it is art photography, or boudoir photography or glamour work, I suppose not. If the photos are to depict reality, then probably yes.

Any form of editing does represent an alteration of the image. When you smoothen away a person’s blemishes, or jazz up the sky, you alter reality.

The question is – where does the boundary lie? There is no easy answer, and I don’t intend to offer one.

Each much choose his or her boundary.

Like warfare, this is where the debates begin.


  1. I always feel the photography in itself is an art. Manipulating it from what we have have captured from our eyes, beyond a certain point renders it useless! But it does look like people are heavily using PS and LR to alleviate their real skills!

    1. Yes. And, the ideal is a shining one. In the old days, fat meant prosperous. Not today.

      The issue here is, in my view, one of deception. But, maybe I am just an old fart who believes this

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