Monochrome Madness- Road


This photo was processed entirely in Lightroom. I took it quickly, using my Coolpix, while returning home.

This wooded area, called The Aravalli Hills, is about 1 kilometre from where I live.

One of the reasons for the location of Delhi, in historic times, was the presence of the Aravalli Range. The other, is the Yamuna River.

Both are dying.

Please do take a moment to look at this photograph. 

In ten years, the trees will be gone, and along with it, much natural diversity.

This is called development, in case you did not realise it.


    1. Builders want to take over more and more land, to sell apartment blocks.

      I used to live this side 23 years ago, and there was even more of the wooded area. Then, I left and returned 3 years back. I barely recognised the area. So much concrete had come up.
      Now, more will come up to make space for us Indians

    1. Hey! Long time! Yeah. Development is not always progress…

      But, with more than 1.2 billion of us clamouring for space, I think that this will be some debate to follow in the future

      1. Nope… this is the age of the robber barons in India…

        btw… have been going a bit slow on the next ones… Gilgamesh and Niall are in the pipeline

      2. The robber barons are here too, unfortunately.
        No rush on our project. It’s been so hot here we’ve just been goofing off.

      1. It’s actually titled “Big Yellow Taxi” Joni Mitchell did it in the 60’s and it was redone a few times since then… most well know after Joni was Counting Crows version.

        Here is a link to Joni Mitchell’s version.

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