My Camera, Chai & Car: Driverless


The last time I wrote about being driverless, it was in a spirit of whimsy… That spirit of whimsy still exists, and I do think about it, as I plan for my next road trip.

There are two kinds of driving, if I want to segment driving in the most simplistic manner.

One, is driving in Delhi, or whichever city you live in. But, let’s take Delhi-NCR for now. Driving in the Delhi-NCR is a pain. For the uninitiated, ‘NCR’ means National Capital Region. So, the Delhi National Capital Region is Delhi and the surrounding towns. I live in Gurgaon, and we share a seamless border with Delhi. In Gurgaon, the roads don’t exist, and only serve as training grounds for dirt track driving. In Delhi, the sheer volume of traffic just kills you, and even though the city has a pretty intensive and extensive road network, the infrastructure just can’t cope.

One day, the automotive market will collapse under it’s own weight. People will work either close to home, or from home as much as possible.

You won’t need a car, needless to say a driverless one. When you are stuck in Delhi traffic, honestly, you the driver sit motionless behind the wheel, and the car is rendered driverless.

Why pay Tesla or Google for a driverless car when the Delhi traffic does that for you?

The other form of driving, is driving on the highway. 

Suddenly, you are away from the dust, pollution, crowds and all that crap. Suddenly, the sky seems clearer, the clouds whiter, and the grasses greener.

I know that this sounds romantic, but it is not. If you are like me, you suddenly feel connected with the world again, and the world starts to give life back to you.

With the wheels of your car turning gently on the roads, and your hand firmly on the steering wheel, your eyes are clearer, and your soul seems content.

You are suddenly in control again, and suddenly in harmony again.

Life is good.

Joy to the world, as sang the group ‘Three Dog Night’.

Who would give up that joy to Google or to Tesla?

Not me.

But, maybe I will be part of a vanishing breed


  1. I can see your point but don’t agree. I don’t own a car and when I am in one for a length or time I feel weird when it stops – the world’s still in motion. I want to live in a place that has all the amenities and access to nature that I want without a car. I have the no car part in a city but not the wildlife and countryside that I want.

    1. Ah! But then, you don’t live where I do.. Here, the public transport system is inadequate. It has improved a lot, but the sheer multitude makes it difficult

      The absence of pavements, and the fact that 50% of our pollution is due to road and construction dust make walking an undiluted sorrow.

      We also look for amenities wishing walking distance, but this is very difficult

      1. I don’t live where I want to. I live in a dump. There are no local shops left to buy food. I have to take a bus. I was saying what I would like. There is no place I know in the US where that is possible. I understand you country’s situation. No good solution there.

      2. Ah. I understand…. Well, i guess that i will be a bit luckier a year from now. They are extending the rail metro network, and we will have a station less than 10 minutes from where I am.

        My driving around Delhi, inshahallah, will reduce

  2. Living in the Washington DC capital region, one definitely does a lot of sitting still or crawling along on I-95 or I-66. It is nice getting out on the country roads and by-ways 🙂

  3. Your NCR is our GTA (Greater Toronto Area) and we have the same problem with traffic. “Why pay Tesla or Google for a driverless car when the Delhi traffic does that for you?” funny and true. We do have some country side which is quite lovely to drive in. The car in your photo is rather recent but the black and white of it gives it a touch of nostalgia.

    1. Yeah, that is a nice song…

      By the way, have you stopped posting? I popped by at your site!

      Lightroom…. I can recommend another book for you, if you like. Lots of video in that book

  4. Hello, Rajiv!

    First of all, Yay! I say, let us put and to, er, Tesla at least, [ being uninitiated, What is that? 🙂 But what the heck, it must be some sort of driverless car. ]

    But might it not be difficult for the ordinary mortal to be Endlessly on the Highway? Haha.

    Much Regards. 🙂

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