1. Not by me!

      My drawing skills extend to ungainly stick humans. The artist in my family is my older sister…

      This is an App called Pigment, where artists from around the world contribute their art, and which art morons like me use to shade in. Except, unlike my childhood shading, this is digital shading.

      For this one, I used the fill option.
      Then, I edited in Snapseed.

      I do have some colouring books, but I have been too lazy to use them.. I have been thinking of shading and photographing the stuff, but laziness is the barrier I have to cross

      1. Yeah.. While i am too lazy to shade in the colours on Pigment ( I use the fill option ), it is a good re-training exercise on colour combinations.

        I use the free option of the App

    1. Not the artwork.. My hands and fingers are too ungainly and shaky to do anything more than a stick human..

      My older sister is the artist in the family.

      This is an App called Pigment. It is the digital equivalent of a colouring/ shading book.

      I started by shading in, got fed up, and then used the ‘fill’ option.

      Then, I cropped out the ‘Pigment’ logo and edited in Snapseed!

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