Mongrel Writing – Food


I was inspired by Esther Newton, and Superman for this little ditty…

The old men of the mountains, sat down to talk;                                                                                 They circled the fires, flames lighting up the dark.                                                                         One said to the others, ‘Let’s talk and let’s eat’,                                                                                  ‘Let’s get our food – wine, vegetables and meat’.

The others agreed, the talk was on about food;                                                                                  The idea did warm them, and lighten their mood.                                                                              ‘Food is essence of life’, one smilingly said,                                                                                            ‘I quite like that thought’, while munching some bread.

The old man from America, brought in a cow;                                                                                   After cooking a steak, he decided to bow.                                                                                           The one from England, cooked a big stew,                                                                                       Looking over his great pot, his smile grew and grew.

The old man of France, cooked a great snail,                                                                                      And then he decided, to swing the cow’s tail.                                                                                        The Korean one, he cooked a small dog,                                                                                             And then said, ‘This one tastes just like a small frog.’

The old man of China cooked a long snake,                                                                                          ‘It’s blood I shall drink, and it’s body I’ll bake’.                                                                               The one from the Pole, cooked a white bear,                                                                                         He looked at the others, and offered to share.

And finally the last, brown skinned and thin,                                                                                     ‘I’ll take all your food, and load the trash bin.                                                                                      It’s vegetables and roots, no cows for me,                                                                                               No bear, no snail, no snake – I’m wiser than thee’.

The Old Men of the Mountains all started to shout, and to fight;                                                   ‘Our food is the best’, they all screamed in the night.                                                                     They pulled at the beards, and the clothes that they wore,                                                        They scratched and they screamed, till life was no more.

Tempers flaring, angry words and deeds in haste,                                                                                 Seven lives sadly laid to waste.                                                                                                                     Whither wisdom? Whither wit, and whither kinship?                                                                                  The stars that night did witness shattered friendship.

And there they did lie, on that mountain top,                                                                              Where fires were burning, but their hearts all did stop.                                                                Lifeless they lay, their wisdom was shattered.                                                                                    The winds blew strong, and the food was now scattered.


    1. Yeah… I hav just been ‘chatting’ with Nic, and she is vegan. And, lots of thin, brown skinned Indians (like me – but, I am not thin) eat meat!

      1. We eat meat too although I’m trying to reduce the amount of red meat. I do like vegan food as well. I like it all except some shellfish like mussels and clams.

      2. Don’t laugh!! I love going into the Muslim quarters of Delhi, and gobbling their wonderful food!

        There is a small restaurant called Nizams’ which serves up the most wonderful kathi rolls! My favourite is the double-mutton-single-egg one!

      3. Ya!! In my part of India, some of us consider it to be a delicacy. I hardly have it these days – once a year – because of the high cholesterol content..

        But, I can sympathise with you. In China, when they gave me chicken feet to eat, I gagged, and I told them that I had reached the limit of my cultural sensitivity. And, I mean, the feet come with the claws.

        It took me three years to be able to eat turtle… They plonk the whole thing in front of you, with the head towards you… Damn.. The conversations I have had with dead turtles would fill a book!

      1. Yup… Written half… Need rum for the next half!

        If you ever visit India, i’ll give you our favourite rum, called Old Monk..

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