Monochrome Madness: Seville


Memories are made of this…..


  1. I love preserving Memories.
    Thank God, we had Home Cameras before the Smart Fones came in. I made it a point to click pics with a camera, get it developed and make Albums, One for Every Celebration Occassion.

    Today, people Mindlessly click selfies and store millions of pics on Snapchat and FB ? See it today and forget it tomorrow.

    Why not Print it and Preserve the Memory.

    Tomorrow, what will you show your children / grand children ?

    Fone come and go along with all the useless selfie pics.

      1. My dad made some. Lots. Photos and videos of our childhood in London. Then, when we returned to India, I went into boarding school at the age of 9, and never lived with my parents again.. So. No albums thereafter.

        What about you?

    1. I may indeed. My memories of Seville include acorn fed pigs converted to bacon, and a severe stomach infection.

      I remember that the place was lovely… But it seemed lifeless to me

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    Daily photos are the best memories and the best shares! Thanks for sharing the photo Rajiv! -OM
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