The Magic Frame: I am bored!


Seriously, yes. I am bored out of my wits. I have not done too much photography this year, because none of the projects that I have conceived of have inspired me greatly.

‘Delhi:Dusk To Dawn’ is one such that I will start very soon. And, there is one more long now – ‘Mountains / Waters’, and finally, I need to work on ‘The Tools Of The Trade’, and ‘Faces of Death’, and ‘Faces of Time’. Long pending projects that need to start.

Anyway, when I went back to the Deer Park, for some experimental stuff. I was experimenting with a 10ND filter, and I may buy one more. Let’s see.

So, I took this picture below, with the filter. I forgot to be intelligent. After I focussed, and screwed on the filter, I refocussed. Obviously, I could not see a thing, and I ended up with the picture (unedited) below.


Then, I decided to have fun. I took this into Aurora HDR, and then I processed it using three layers. Next, I took it into Photoshop, and created something quite minimalistic.

Oh… the milky effect was created using Topaz B&W Effects, and the ‘Milky Memories’ preset.



I was not done with my spell of boredom. I then deleted all the Photoshop layers, and took it into Nik Silver Efex Pro, and used the silhouette preset.

Then, I took it into Nik Analog Efex Pro 2, and decided to use a four lens effect, and then I added some dust and scratched.



This looks entirely different.

Boredom sometimes can be good.

I once listened to a CD by Osho Rajneesh, and he spoke specifically about boredom. In his view, repeating a mantra repeatedly drives you so utterly mad with boredom that eventually you find Nirvana – enlightenment. Something in you breaks through the veil.

Does the same thing happen with creativity? Boredom drives you so mad that you are forced to look beyond, and maybe, allows you to break the veil – barrier – of habit.

Think about it, and tell me what you think.


  1. After reading your narrative I find myself wondering if boredom opens doors of creativity as the drive for creative energies has gone silent and thus what happens just happens in an experimental way. Thanks for this insight…may I need to embrace boredom.

  2. Rajiv, You are a Professional Photographer, An Artist. How can you get Bored with the Beautiful Talent, God has given you, the Intelligence he has blessed you with ?
    You have to Continue. You have to work on such Projects, that will help this World to become a better place. Then showcase your work.
    Don’t spoil Art with Boredom.
    Why don’t you take all your friends pics and then do some magic with them and show it to us. I’m sure all of here, will be happy to share our pics with you and have it Beatified.
    There is so much pain in India with Poverty, Child Labour, Rapists. Make some real though provoking pics of this , Add Slogans with it and publish them.

    1. Well. I won’t get bored with photography…. Just, my approach

      I am working on an e-book of my street photography in the Walled City of Delhi. I chose not to focus on misery… Too many photographers do that

  3. What say Rajiv ! Move to Cattie’s Utopia where there is no poverty, …..etc. Btw Cattie’s (no offence meant) from which part of the world you come?

      1. I know, but in Cattie’s world no poverty, no child labour… etc then that is Utopia of present time.

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