From The Kerb. Food Vendor


The street food vendor. Would you eat his wares?


      1. Ahh!! Well, hard to describe. We have varieties of snacky street stuff that comes loosely under the name ‘chaat’. There are varieties of chaat, and the vendor has his own recipe.

        In one, at the last step, he puts his hand into the yoghurt, and pours it onto the stuff. An essential ingredient, is the dust, the sweat and the smoke that gets added to the stuff you eat….

        Now that you know, can I tempt you with some….?

  1. I have eaten such kinds of ‘foods’ many a time! …It is only now that Restaurants have gloves and caps for hair and all that! 30-40 years ago, when I was a ‘Young(er)’ man, this was pretty much the norm. …Anyway, I must have been Blessed with a Cast Iron Stomach too, I guess! …But, as You say, Not Advised. …:)

      1. Yes. Expensive restaurants, which I very seldom enter, offer Subtle tastes; whereas We find Sharp ones by the Roadside! And besides being Affordable, I plain like them. But been quite a long time since I have had some of these! 🙂

  2. I do eat street food at times, two reasons, one is affordable and the other is some street food are supposed to be tasting good on from such street vendors…..coming to your question, I wouldn’t try this one, forget about the gloves and cap, which is not mandatory to me as long as the person is clean, but here see that cart, all open, and the bucket reminds me about swatch bharat. Offcou it’s his living, bread and butter, but then his cart is all open and he is yet to adapt the street food cart manners unlike what most of them do……
    I couldn’t explain myself better, but yes I wouldn’t go to this persons cart for now 🙂

      1. Yeah sad….But then this doesn’t happen only in India and why only Indians, it’s the situation dependent thing, which anybody from other country would face and try to live life this way…..

  3. Concentration personified, if we ignore the hygiene for a moment. BTW, glad to see “kerb” being spelt the way I think it should be spelt, and not as “curb” as it now seems to have become.

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