Deer Park


Normally, I like to write my little bit of stuff on photography, on the Fridays. However, today was largely a chaotic day.

So, I thought I would leave behind a little something.

The water body at the Deer Park, in New Delhi. It is close to where my mom lives. The deer have long gone.

The water body is said to have been built during the Lodi Empire, which puts it at about 550-600 years old.

Delhi is strange. Old Delhi is actually New Delhi.

New Delhi actually consists of two or more parts – Newest Delhi, Old Delhi and Oldest Delhi.

The Lodi Empire predates the Mughal Empire…. So, the Walled City, which is called Old Delhi is newer than many parts of New Delhi….

Anyway…. I hope you like this photograph


      1. Meanwhile, if you want to read a superb poem that I have loved since my childhood, then you must read my post tomorrow….

        The poem is appropriate for tomorrow, since it is our Independence Day,,

  1. Glad You stopped that history lesson. I did not know whether I was standing or sitting! I had to check! Haha! 🙂

    But the Colours simply GORGEOUS, my Dear Rajiv! What a Wonderful capture!

    And, the ‘sketches/doodles’ accompanying Your ‘Mongrel Growling,’ they must be Yours! You are Really a Very Good Artist, my Dear Rajiv! In more ways than one. Hearty Kudos. 🙂

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