Mongrel Howling : Daydream


This one requires considerable polish. Maybe, it needs to be less brooding, and more upbeat. Else, I risk sounding like an old fart

This is in response to a challenge set by Esther Newton

It is the day, and I dream and dream. And, dream some more.

I dream of the world and how it could have been before.

Before the bombs, before TV, and before all the noise

Of hateful shouts, of bullets of things we made our choice.

I often dream of years ago – millions and millions of years ago,

When the world was green, rivers flowed and winds did blow.

Of days when the sky was clean, the clouds were white

And skin would feel the cold wind’s tender bite.

But, we have made progress, we now go to the moon

Everything grows, and changes must happen soon.

We are governed by Time, by a strappy device

Our lives, our wrists, are caught in it’s cruel vice.

The world has shrunk, to the size of a screen

And, we don’t hear each other’s scream.

Trapped we are by a mobile phone

We have forgotten the warmth of home.

I dream of days when I had friends, of days of cheer

Laughter, hugs and jokes over a glass of beer.

Smileys replace the smiles in eyes, and faces

Our fingers tap, our fingers fly to close the spaces.

I dream of the days that have yet to come,

When machines shall replace everyone.

Mechanical toys, efficient and so cold,

Will kill our souls, if I may make so bold.

But, I must work, there is no time to dream

Not by day, or by night, else the master’s scream.

The day dream ends, and I ask myself

Am I the dream, or do I fool my self?


  1. Can relate to all the words. Time can be a cruel thing controlling your whole life. And the overall ‘gadgetification’……smileys replacing smiles, very well described!! Wonderful work 🙂

      1. I help my dad in his business but with placements coming soon, working as a software developer in multinational companies is something I’m looking forward to 🙂

      2. Yeah it can be very tedious, constantly racking your brain trying to come up with codes to flawlessly execute everything in the world. Not to mention, finding bugs in a 300 line of code. Aggghhh!!
        That’s why I hope I’ll be able to let go of the job within a few years and concentrate solely on the business.
        What about you, what field of work are you in? 🙂

      3. Ah.. I was in the corporate world for many years. India President of an MNC…now, i have quit that to pursue photography and writing.. And, consultng

      4. Wow that’s great!! If someone can make it to the top in the corporate world, they are equipped to handle every challenge the world has to offer ☺ Best of luck with your photographs, the blog and with the consulting☺

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