My Camera & My Chai: Naked


Okay… Okay… Okay.. Where do I start?

I am standing arms akimbo. No, that is a lie. I am sitting at my computer, typing this. So now, imagine me at my computer, standing with my arms akimbo and typing this. Maybe, it is my toes that are doing the typing. No, this is impossible. If my toes were doing the typing, then I could not possibly be standing.

So now, try and imagine this. I am standing, with my arms akimbo, in silent protest, while my powerful mind wills the keyboard to type out the words you now see on the screen.

Why doth I protest? I came across this marvellous ditty by the Snake Oil Willie Band, called “I don’t look naked anymore”. I am attaching the YouTube video for you to watch, to admire the music, and to join the protest.

Yes, yes. I know that with each passing day I age. But I still look cuddly and cute. You must look at the second most recent DP that I put up on FB. Everyone thought that this was cute and cuddly. I shall have that up at the end.

Yes, yes. I know that I may not have that badminton playing body and slimness that I had when I was 18. But, ladies and gents, I still look good ….. ahem… ahem. Modesty prevents me from writing further.

Now, this is not by any means, an indication that I allow the swooning Indian lasses to see me…. ahem … ahem…. Far be it from me to actually allow a woman to blush… No, no.. I am the picture and the epitome of modesty. Even though I look good …… ahem ….. ahem….

Youth is a part of my ageing process. Now, here is the secret. I do not allow any plastic-surgeon-doctor to come near me. Neither do I pump anything into me. Nor do I consume slimming pills, the recipe of which contains the secret ingredient of donkey’s piss.

No… I am naturally good looking …. ahem … ahem…..

What can I say? Modesty becomes me…

Oh, before I go… That selfie that won me so many admirers.  I had to take it down because all the girls were swooning, writing me letters signed in blood, and swearing eternal love and devotion..

Are you ready? Close your eyes…. Here goes!


You agree? Now, have you ever seen a face that looks cuter and more cuddly than that one? You will agree that I will still look good ….. ahem …. ahem… 😉


  1. I don’t know why you are worried. That selfie shows you are still full of youth and vigor. Thanks for posting that video. It may be my new favorite song.

  2. You look amazing. Great work with the editing on the profile photo 😀 We are all as beautiful as we think we. If we have positive thoughts and are confident about the way we carry ourselves, we are beautiful and no one can take that away from us 🙂

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