One Photo Focus. August


this is one time that I have participated in the One Photo Focus, where we are given a photograph to edit.

This is one that Stacy sent me, of the London Eye. I have been on that thing. It is one expensive merry go round!

Anyway, the original picture is shown below.


I am a somewhat dramatic fellow, and decided that I wanted to add some drama in the sky.

In Lightroom, I added in a graduated neutral density filter. I angled it, to avoid a dark shadow from falling on the buildings. Please look at the lines! That will give you an idea


Next, I boosted the colours in the water. Click on the picture below, and you will see where I made hue and saturation adjustments; If you look at the two Lightroom pictures, you will see a difference in the water colour.


After this, I took it to Photoshop. I tend to use luminosity masks a lot, so please look at the layers. This will give you a fair idea of the steps that I finally adopted. I use the panel created by Tony Kuyper.


Between the LR and Photoshop versions you will see:

  1. A slightly enhanced drama in the sky
  2. Slightly deeper hues in the water
  3. The chimney have a bit more separation, and the cyans stand out a bit more. I am talking of the windows.
  4. The farthest building has a little more sheen.
  5. The Eye itself stands out just a bit more from the clouds.


I hope you like the final edit. I did not use any jazzy filters…


  1. Rajiv, you did it 🙂 Wonderful moody image, as if a storm is blowing in! And the screenshots are great – it’s always interesting and instructive to actually “see” how something was accomplished. Thanks so much for playing along this month!

    1. Well thanks very much! I enjoyed this challenge a lot. Excellent photograph. I ended up staring at it for some time, before I started on the edits

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