EPSON scanner image
At Grant Road, Bombay

I worked for a bit, many years ago, in a company that dealt with commodities.

The one thing that distinguishes this trade from many others, is the fact that it relies on high volumes, with low margins. Also, brand value means little. The product is generally faceless.

When you live in populous countries like my own, with 1.2 billion people, something seems to happen.

People become faceless. They are commoditised

One dies, and another takes his place. Or, hers.

It does not matter. The dead can rot, while the living struggle on.

We pass by in cars, and when the beggar stops by, we wave them off without looking at them. Do we fear to look in their eyes? Or, are they annoying insects to be swatted off?

When a doorman opens the door for us, we walk pass, oblivious. Do we say thank you, and look them in the eye?

Or, are they just a part of the faceless masses that are there to serve us.

In “Juliette” by de Sade, there is a scene where one of the corrupt and dissipated old men sodomises Juliette ( if I remember well), while witnessing a mass murder. They both reach orgasm, and squeal for joy when the hundreds of people are crushed to death, before their eyes, for their exclusive pleasure.

Life. Death. No value. No meaning.







  1. So beautifully penned..there is weird feeling that sinks in after reading this..can’t express that in words …are we really present to everything?

  2. Its a very interesting blog. Shame its so short, but none the less powerful. I would have liked to debated more. Life is cheap there. Maybe because there are so many people. very similar to South Africa, I think. They have low expectations of themselves and value their own life and those around very shabbily. What a waste
    re the getting high on death/pain/Sade…..tricky but again fascinating subject. Slightly beyond dark, me thinks…… 🙂

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