Weather Report

This is normally the day that I write about “The Magic Frame”, but I thought that I would break from the new tradition, and give a weather update.

I live in one of the world’s fastest growing economies. It also one of the world’s fastest deteriorating infrastructure.

We did live through a hot summer, as usual. Not as bad as the last two summers, but hot enough. Then we entered what, in my view, is the worst season in Delhi – the monsoons. When it is not raining, it is humid and energy sapping.

When it rains, then the proverbial water rats of hell are cast down upon us. This is what has been happening since yesterday.

Roads have caved in.

People have been stuck on the roads for hours. I am lucky… I chose to avoid some of these areas.

However, this below, is the evening that I shot, while going to pick up my daughter

I was in my Duster, and happily clicked, while the world got wet

This is the morning. Driving back after I got wet


Now, I have lived in places with very heavy rainfall – London, Nainital, Bombay. Yet, those places managed the rain.

What we will now be witness to, is the blame game.

The municipal bodies will blame each other. Then, they will blame the political parties.

The political parties will blame each other.

Then, collectively, they will all blame God, and those evil humans who don’t worship creatures of a bovine nature.

The cycle continues.


  1. Rightly said. for some rain is bliss for others it’s another set of issues. lovely shots. I too posted similar shot on instagram few days ago

      1. I was telling my yoga instructor today, that the politicians spend millions on changing the name of a city, and on advocating cow worship, but nothing on infrastructure

  2. So sad to hear of all the rain and what it’s done. We have similar issues with our infrastructure. Lots of sink holes and potholes although may be not as bad as your country’s. We are getting worse and worse though. Wish we had a rain problem….right now we are having a lot of fires. Wonder what the world will be like in 100 years.

    1. Oh come now, Laura. Compared to India, the US is bliss….

      Maybe, yours is declining as well, but you have a long way to go before yours is as bad as ours. We guard that honour,

      You seem to have a rain problem, and this is going to be bad. Where I Iive, we have declining water tables. Builders chuck building scrap into natural waterways.

      We know how to mess up our world

      1. Global warming is really awful. In Australia there is a water shortage as well I believe. But don’t worry Raj, I won’t take away your honor. I just hope it’s not something that we will live up to! lol

      2. Yes!! We guard our honour with our life!

        But yeah… we live on a watery planet, with much beauty around. Yet… we muck it up

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