An Evening in Maastricht..

DSC_0079_HDR-Maastricht_edit copy

Maastricht is, by far, my favourite town / city in the Netherlands.

An evening, from when I spent a winter there.

And, I love waterways..


      1. Sure… 🙂 I guess I had seen this in a mini movie series (remake)..I’m unable to recall fully though!

      2. Sure! Even HBO band of brothers series is based on various WW II battles fought at various locations in Europe

      3. Band of brothers is certainly recommended to people who love to explore world war II related events or war movies. Games of throne was highly recommended to me by my friend, but I’m yet to watch these episodes. 🙂

      1. I am a tundra-person 😉 I hail from the Midwest, originally. I grew up in a snowy prairie flanked by woods. Obnoxiously sunny, Prozac-smiling Florida is in constant contrast with my bleak and gloomy disposition. 😉

      2. Ah. That explains it! Well, I grew up in England, and then in the hills of India.

        Now, pardon my general ignorance of American geography but…. Which parts of the US include the mid-west?

        My older sis lives in California, and my younger one is at Madison…

        I don’t suppose either qualify as Mid-West!

      3. Madison, Wisconsin- indeed the Midwest, with a gorgeous law library, I must say 😉 I sprang up outside of Chicago, Illinois. Ohio, Illinois, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana (though this is really more of a southern state), and Missouri (again, more of a southern state) all comprise the Midwest. Midwesterners talk through their noses, sounding as though they suffer permanent nasal infections, glower frequently and kvetch constantly. Easy creatures to spot.

        What part of England?? The hills of India sound like the perfect playground. Before the plague of tourists descended, that is.

      4. Well, England? That was just outside London. It was fun those days…

        I do plan to go up into the hills in November, into a part that is non-touristy.
        Next year, I will do a two week drive into areas that have lots of rivers. And, the area will have 5 holy towns.

        But then, every bloody part of India claims to be holy.

        I wanted to do my PhD in Corrosion in the USA. I was looking at the Univ of Ohio, and the Univ of Illionois at Urbana-Champagn. I don’t know if I spelled that last one right. That did not happen, else I would ha

      5. I hear that London is quite a magical city. My friend in France, about to begin her PhD work at the Sorbonne, longs to live there someday (she visits as often as possible).

        The future trips you describe sound absolutely divine and I look forward to the photos and writings on your blog to follow. The rivers especially appeal- I avidly look forward to the photos, indeed.

        PhD in Corrosion? Brilliant! Where did you end up going, instead? I have heard that the University of Ohio is rather grand. My father, Sir I like to call him, went to another OH uni called Bowling Green, for a Bachelor’s in science and technical writing. I considered U of I many ages ago (did not go, though).

        Have you visited your sisters in the US?

      6. London? Lots of people love it. Not me.. What did I do instead? I ended up starting my career in a steel mill. Then, they moved me to sales after two years. In irritation, I did my MBA thereafter, and then moved into the food and healthcare sectors, before I dumped it all and decided to do photography and writing

        I have visited my older sister. My younger one and I spent a weekend together in Chicago

      7. There are a lot of London-endorsers out there, I have noticed. Nice to see you stand out from the crowd- but too bad you had to suffer through living there…

        Steel mill work sounds interesting. Hot too, very hot. I suspect. I have seen a documentary or two.

        So, you did not study earth science or engineering (I thought you might have, since you considered doing a PhD on corrosion)?

        And, needless to say, you do a brilliant job at both photography and writing. Glad to be back on your blog again, meandering about, enjoying your thoughts and images.

        P.S. Ha, what did you think of the Windy City? I tried to move into the Field Museum when I was wee.

        All the best,

        -toad breath

      8. ‘Allo Toad Breath! Well, I saw the good part of the Windy City, which was nice indeed. As cities go, it is nice though I suspect that living there can get expensive

        England has some very nice places once you move away from the big cities. British homes look very nice from the outside, but a normal home can get very depressing once you are inside. We once stayed at a friend’s home outside Manchester, and his instruction was not to go to the loo after 10 pm, for fear of disturbing the neighbours. And, I said – crap man, when you gotta go, you gotta go!

        Steel mill work is/was very hot. In those days, there was a lot of manual work involved. No air-conditioned cabins from where you would push buttons to move things around. I have never experienced such heat anywhere else.

        Yeah… I studied metallurgical engineering.

        What did you study?

      9. Ah, I know just the film for you to obtain if you wish to study the Midwestern creature further- “Fargo”

        So, your sister lives in Madison?? Pretty nice area, actually. Used to visit there in order to escape IL. Fairly progressive, educated, people are fairly nice there, though they do REALLY love their milk-products, my goodness. Has your sister had melted cheddar cheese on apple pie? A Wisconsin staple. The other one must be elated to be wandering around CA. Topography there is heaven. Oh yes, and WAVES. And sharks. And Tesla. AND SpaceX. AND SolarCity…quite a place, that CA.

      10. Oh Fargo.. Yes, I have heard that it is a very nice film indeed!

        I have to ask her if she has ever had melted cheddar cheese on apple pie.

        My one gripe always in the US, was how much people would eat!

      11. Fargo is something else- snowy neo-noir that utilizes minimalism and exaggerates the Midwestern mentality and accent to the extreme.

        Cheddar-glazed apple-pie slices are often served at apple orchards in the fall. If your sister has been drawn into an apple-orchard, hoping to innocently pet the goats (as I would), minding her own business, then the poor lass has probably been exposed to the gooey dish.

        Oh how I bristle at the prospect of having to endure socializing over heaping platters at restaurants…Have not been to one in years. Always struck me as morbid.

        Apples, hummus and celery are sufficient, tossed into a backpack for a day of hiking, avoiding the human race entirely. Picnics in scrap-yards are fun, though- but not many people wish to join me for that…and for some reason, most junk-yard mechanics get upset when I ask if I can snack out back amongst the scintillating towers of twisted metal and melting tires.


        Another film rattles to mind- “Harold and Maude”



      12. A picnic in a scrap yard? That sounds kind of nice and exotic. I would not do that in India. They are too smelly and occupied by people you would not generally want to be too close to..Why would the junk-yard mechanics get upset about that?
        “Harold & Maude”. These days, I am busy completing the last season of “Breaking Bad”. I don’t watch too much TV, but some serials are fun.
        Indian TV used to be a bore… and a drag. Then, we discovered American soap, and we all went ga-ga over “The Bold & The Beautiful”, till it hit us that all they wanted to do, was to have sex with everyone!
        Then, Indian soap was created, and Indian TV is, once again, a bore and a drag!

      13. Ha, “Harold and Maude” is a black comedy film from the seventies. (I am a bit of a cinephile.) It featured a darling, very brief scene of Harold and M. having an iconic picnic in a scrap-yard. My favourite bit was when he converted a gorgeous classic late 1960s Jaguar into a hearse.

        “Eccentricity” is not appreciated in real life, apparently, and snacking in scrap-yards is considered “weird”. Americans, even grimy mechanics, are very concerned with the “weirdness”. I have almost been arrested a few times for being too “eccentric”…hmph.

        What ever happened to the live and let live mentality?? Oh, how I suffer…

        I have never seen “Breaking Bad” but I should sometime. I tend to cringe when I think of US telly (perhaps in the way you do when considering Indian soaps). Always struck me as very limited, constipated, shabbily-written and wooden. I hear BB is very good, though.

        Bold and the beautiful??? GOOD gawd…I had no idea it poisoned the rest of the world, too…

      14. BB and Santa Barbara too!! Then, I actually went to Santa Barbara one day. Very beautiful place, but I would not want to live there. Most soaps are quite wooden. American ones have perfected the art of wood, however! BB is good. Yes.
        I am fond of movies, but I would say that I tend to pursue music.
        Eccentricity is generally not appreciated. What’s that they say, about the herd? The best place to hide, is in a crowd

      15. What sort of music do you pursue, Rajiv? H&M contains a score done entirely by Cat Stevens. It is a VERY 70s film, as you can imagine. I love the music by Nino Rota. I discovered him through the films by Fellini. I know I am starting to really sound like I have a film problem, but I actually do not watch that many films, ha, ha. Ha…

        Santa Barbara, is this a show, too? I know of the beautiful city. What a place. I have never been, but will go someday. I would not know about living there. If I had my way, I would live on a slab of rock in the Farallon Islands and go diving with the white sharks as often as possible.

        That’s the phrase. Or one could just hide in the wilderness. Which sounds like a more appealing option. I tried out the normalcy disguise for a while- it was awful.

        American soaps and most of the prime-time “dramas” are rather indistinguishable from each other.

        I did like one show not too long ago- called “Hinterland”. It is Welsh. “Y Gwyll” I think is the Welsh title. Rather gloomy. The shooting was beautiful. I could relate to the lone hinterlanders hiding in the woods, seeking isolation.

      16. Yep. Santa Barbara is a show as well. Like in B&B, they seem to be only interested in living mansions and swapping sexual partners!

        Where are the Farallon Islands? I cannot swim, by the way. I tried for 5 years in school. Swimming was compulsory. the Irish brothers made it so. Finally I reached the following trajectory – horizontally forward for a splashy 30 metres, and then vertically downwards. Normally, someone had to stand by to jump in and yank me out of the water.

        Initially, I thought you were Welsh, by the way.

        My music? Hm. Lets see. 70’s rock is one. The Eagles, Grateful Dead, The Doors, The Beatles, Jethro Tull (not their post 80’s music), Pink Floyd, Led Zep, Black Sabbath ( a bit), Long John Baldry. Some blues
        Hindi film music of the 50’s and 60’s.
        Some world music – a Tuvan group called Huun-Hur-Tu. A Chinese chap called Mamer. I love Mongolian music, including Mongolian rock and folk. But, I lost the CDs I picked up in China

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