Monochrome Madness – Tree In The Mist

_DSC0173-tree-fog copy 2RajivChopra

This reminds me so much of the atmosphere in which I grew up.

I love the trees, the mist and the mountains


      1. Nothing spoils a majestic landscape more than choking it out with an obnoxious and invasive slew of tourists…I have seen an upsurge of them over the last couple years, here- most unpleasant…

      2. Indeed. More and more tourists seem to come every year and some parks and beaches that were once isolated are now choked with them.

      3. I have been just the once to Florida… Family trip to Disney.. I detested it.

        Could not, and do not, understand why people go there. They stand for hours in the blistering heat, after paying through their nose to get in… For a 30 second ride.

      4. Dizzy, I mean, Disney, is hell on Earth. I know this, though I have never been there. I am so sorry you had to endure such torture. If only I had been there to come to the rescue- the real Florida is much more beautiful and enchanting. Being bonked in a kayak by curious and mischievous manatees is a special pleasure that beats any “fun” ride at Disney. I still know places the tourists haven’t discovered yet to see them, too 😉 If you come back someday, I will show you.

        Dizzy needs to be leveled. People are insane- I will NEVER understand why they go there.

      5. I am ashamed to say that i did not realise there is a Florida beyond Disney and Baywatch…

        But, it did mKe me Dizzy

        If i do pop by, i will take you up on that offer! But, be warned, when i am with camera, i can be laconic!

      6. Dizzy presents a paved, sun-bleached, over-exposed horror of bloodless vacuousness- not the real FL. Miami Beach (I guess this would be the Baywatch image) is the same. Another hell. Plasti-people everywhere.

        I was meandering around Miami one twilight and came upon a bulky, concrete bridge, painted a vulgar yellow. I began to clamber down its thick side, attracted to a power-station that loomed at the bottom of the stairs, only to discover a middle-aged homeless couple just to my left. The woman was crumpled up on some papers and bags, trying to sleep. The man was poised upon his concrete armchair, neatly covered in paper. He sat overlooking the shimmering waters below, with an outstretched newspaper spread before him, his legs crossed, as if he was in his living room at home. Below, a glazed, ivory-white party-boat, booming techno-hip-hop, swam by. It glowed with the cool electric blue of LEDs. Young people were flailing and cavorting mindlessly and laughing raucously. Quite a harsh contrast between the older homeless pair and the children of excess, below.

        The Real Florida is a jungle, though, and its people are made of sharp, rusted metal- they are rugged loaners, with alligator skin, very few teeth, and a tremendous love for the wilderness around them. It is rife with wildlife. The swamps, the meadows, the streams, the springs- they all glitter with life and wonder. Of course, I suggest you come in winter- during the dry season when it is cooler- and the light turns to bourbon in the afternoon.

        As for being laconic, I am just as stolid with a camera, myself. 🙂

      7. Oh yes, we come across the contrast between rich and poor in India every day. But then, this is India. It is a crazy country, and it is increasingly difficult even for us Indians to live in. It will get worse before it gets better. Yet, there is timelessness here, if you can discover it.
        India is a country you love or hate. I know – used to know – an Indian who is now an American citizen living in Boston. She is more American than a normal American who has been there for generation, and she hates India. She grew up here!
        So… you make Florida sound interesting!

      8. Sub-station* (I type too blasted quickly, just noticed that mistake there).

        I think such contrasts exist in most places, some more dramatic than others.

        India seems to be a very intriguing place- heartbreaking in some aspects, and absolutely gorgeous and enthralling in others. I cannot imagine how I would feel about it having been born there, but I certainly want to visit.

        Ha, your friend moved to one of the most educated and progressive parts of the US. I am glad that she has made it home.

        I can relate to not feeling at home in one’s native country. I probably would be more content in a place like Boston, or out West where there’s more surf, but, really, my heart resides elsewhere 😉

        Florida is interesting, indeed! It has its tremendous faults, but then, it also has its wonders 😉 You just need the right guide 😀

        All the best,

        Autumn Jade

      9. India is a confused place. Heartbreaking, progressive, regressive, divinely ugly and beautiful….

        We give it all to you in one offering!

        My friend? Hm.. She is possibly one of the more selfish creatures i have encountered

  1. Well I can barely see the mountains – but that center tree has a vertical presence that anchors the photo and it really grabbed me from the reader – 😉

      1. This time of year, yes. July is my least favourite month of the year. Hot AND Humid. Been in the 90sF all week. 😦

      2. Oh come now…. It is 38 here, and humid. I am speaking of Centigrade

        I prefer the blistering and dry heat of 44 to this awful humidity

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