From the Kerb – The Kid & The Baoli


I was at the Ugrasen Ki Baoli, which is an old – almost 700 years old – stepwell

A baoli is a stepwell, and Delhi has several that are left.

Water and step wells are one of my photographic projects that need to resume

Some, like Khari Baoli in the Walled City of Delhi have disappeared.

Sad, because the water management systems were sophisticated. They were also social gathering places.

The kid had asked me to photograph him


  1. Rajiv we do have baoris out here – quite a few, some have been renovated recently. I made a post on one of these. The structure in these baoris is different. open and wide unlike the one in your picture.

      1. Yes couple of them. I intended to make a post on them. There’s so much to write…. Always short of time! Someday… soon I hope.
        BTW You’ll find baoris across Rajasthan.

      1. Well Delhi is a large city and you did mention that there were a couple of these wells. We use reservoirs and towers.

      2. Ah! But you dont know the history of Delhi! Modern Delhi is made up of 7 old, and one new, cities. Many old villages have been consumed by the growth of Delhi. Some of the old rest houses have become names of colonies.. A Sarai was a rest house..

  2. Awesome shot and very trendy-looking lad, there. Step-wells are an endless fascination for me (ha, anything to do with water har har) so I am avidly looking forward to seeing more of your shots in this project in the future. I find them incredibly beautiful and am staggered at their incredible sophistication, indeed. Sir recently said to me, “We haven’t been very advanced until recently, with the industrial revolution.” I immediately began rattling off examples of man’s incredible ingenuity to tame his environment, to exploit resources to the best of his ability in order to ensure survival, including creating such majestic and precise structures like the step-wells. Sir had to admit his blunder. 😉 Wonderful image. All the best,

    Autumn Jade

      1. I love to read books about China, or noir novels set in China translated into English- I am working on my Mandarin and Cantonese very slowly 😉 I can see how it is your second home. I can only imagine.

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