Mongrel Yowling: Work

This is something I wrote, and is inspired by Esther Newton’s weekly challenges. It is inspired, in large part by much of the exploitation that I see around me.

This happens not only in small family businesses, but also in corporations, however, in a more insidious manner

Here goes.

Work, work, you little shit – work;                                                                                                                      Work on and on, and do not shirk.                                                                                                               You need to work to make me rich,                                                                                                             Don’t argue either, you little bitch.

I am your Lord, you are my Slave;                                                                                                                        From your benefits, I will always shave.                                                                                                          To be inspired, learn from ants;                                                                                                                         And know it’s I who wears the pants.

Hear my words, my honeyed speeches;                                                                                                     Then go off and pull up your breeches.                                                                                                            Work, you minions, meet your goals –                                                                                                       Stay neath the ground, like obedient moles.

You need to work, so I can fly;                                                                                                                       With lots of money, and things to buy.                                                                                                           I’ll train you well, you little crap;                                                                                                                 To smile and jump, at my finger’s snap.

You need to work, to make me rich.                                                                                                               And, don’t complain, you little snitch.                                                                                                           The government’s mine, you little dork;                                                                                                   So, work and work, little sap, work.


  1. This is sadly depressing because it is all too true. You should see if you can add a bit how the worker then gets fired because of outsourcing (a bit of personal experience for me).

    1. Thanks. I like that suggestion…. I know what you are talking about, so I will add that in…

      What do you think? Should i have a verse or two from the worker’s perspective?

      1. Oh, maybe another poem altogether, but you don’t have to. I was just thinking from personal experience but your poem is great the way it is. 🙂

  2. I think you need another verse or a complete poem from the workers perspective, Rajiv.
    There was a song called “Fifteen Tons” and it was about working in the mines. Some of the lyrics – “Fifteen tons and what do you get another day older and deeper in debt. ” In those days the companies also owned the dry goods stores so when people went to spend their money it went right back to the company. Hence the line “I owe my sole to the company’s store” We are slipping back to those times, unfortunately.

    1. Yeah… I think I will work on this one.

      I am not sure yet, if it will be another verse, or another bit of Mongrel Poetry. Maybe, I will rework this completely. Either from the workers perspective, or have alternating verse.. Lets see

      The ‘Songs of Mystery..’ has started to work slowly deep inside me…

    2. If you go to Korea, or travel back to India, you will see how big business familys are trying to enter every aspect of our lives.

      I always believe that George Orwell was more prophetic than we like to believe

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