The Magic Frame – First Time HDR


Screenshot 2016-07-08 09.39.12

This is one from long ago. I was learning how to use HDR techniques at that time, and what I did not know, was that you actually had to use one stop changes to your exposure.

When I started doing HDR, I used to use Photomatix, which I hardly every do these days. What I normally use is Aurora HDR, or the HDR function in Lightroom. While the Lightroom function does produce really realistic looking images, the Aurora HDR experience does allow a lot more creative freedom. Unlike Photomatix, the starting point is usually a preset. While there are many photographers who don’t like presets, I don’t mind them, if they allow some creative freedom to flourish

What I like about Aurora, is that it also allows you to add layers, blend them, adjust the opacity etc. This opens up a lot of possibilities. I normally don’t go beyond two, and keep the opacity of the upper layer low. I am a bit lazy yet, in that I don’t name the upper layer, which I should.

I finished off the editing in Photoshop, using luminosity masks, and ended by adding a slight glow.

Finally, I cleaned up the blemishes.

I did not sharpen this image. That would have created halos…

Oh… this photograph was taken at the Hauz Khas Village in Delhi. This body of water, I believe, was created by the Lodi kings, about 550 years ago.

DSC_0015_HDR_editHauzKhasVillage copy


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