Mongrel Yowling. Freedom

I thought of writing this as verse, but no. Prose seemed a better form for me. Many years ago, when I heard Janis Joplin sing, ‘Freedom’s just another word / For nothing left to lose’, the phrase stuck to me. The lines, more correctly, stuck to me. Steve McDonald writes, in the prose that accompanies the song, “Freedom” that freedom lies within us ;and only when people can live with dignity, and without fear of oppression, can they truly be free.

On the other hand, despite the name and fame of the rock band, ‘Nirvana’ does mean complete freedom from desire and attachments. It is then that the soul can be free. It is a state of realising one’s own inner God.

I can imagine myself sitting on a mountainside, smelling the flowers, feeling the breeze on my face. The skies are blue, or grey. It does not matter. The air is clean and refreshing. Everything around me is still, calm, content within itself.

There is no rush, no concept of time. The calm, the peace, is constant. It is like an ocean that envelopes me, but does not suffocate. Time dissolves at that moment. Everything is still. My mind is still.

No worries.                                                                                                                                                           No words.                                                                                                                                                             No joy.                                                                                                                                                                   No fear.                                                                                                                                                                 No anxiety.                                                                                                                                                           No greed.

Just an acceptance of that moment. Being in that moment. Letting go, and yet being there.

I am me. I an Nature. Nature is me.

There is oneness with the vast infinity of the universe, and eternal time is felt in that moment. Everything is still, and pure.

In that moment, I die.

In that moment, I am reborn.

In that moment, I am free. I experience freedom.



  1. wonderful words Rajiv 😀 thank you…i’m with my father…i’m going to read this him today…please know i appreciate these words at this difficult time…and i agree…

    In that moment, I die.

    In that moment, I am reborn.

    In that moment, I am free. I experience freedom.

  2. I do think you have captured the essence of freedom, Rajiv, but what is going on in the USA is contrary to that. There is still a lot of slavery going on and it is devastating.

      1. There is a form of slavery in Canada. They don’t call it slavery but it is that just the same.

  3. Well put Rajiv! I often recall how one day on holiday yrs ago I climbed a bit hill and sat on the top with my walkman and never felt better! 🙂

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