Monochrome Madness – High

High-Pine-RajivChopraFor this week, the challenge was ‘High’.

I was in the hills of India recently, and was walking in the pine forest. It was amazing. Five kilometres away, tourists were babbling and disturbing the peace of the hills, with their loud horns and laughter.

When I was there, all that I could hear was the sound of the wind. I did record a video of this and put it up on ‘Periscope’. I do have a clip somewhere on my phone. Maybe, I should upload that as well….

The video quality is lousy. I have a rather useless phone! I keep breaking them, so I have dumbed down when it comes to mobile phones


  1. The black and white gives the photo a sense of ominous.
    The only hill that I’m familiar with is Mount Abu. It’s a gorgeous area. Thanks for sharing the video, Rajiv. It was like being there.

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