The Black Nib Chronicles – Percival.1







Now, it seems that I love logos, and some time back I had that rather shitty logo created. I had decided, it seems to ‘brand’ my photography under the name of ‘Rajiv Chopra’, and my writings under the names of ‘The Black Nib’ and ‘Lokispeakz’. Loki, of course, being all the dark shit that I love to write.

Anyway, I have not yet figured out how I plan to use this marvellous logo of mine. I do know that it needs to be changed at some point in my life.

For this opening salvo, I decided to talk a little bit about the Percival writing process. This was something that I started many years back, actually, and never got past the first paragraphs. Maybe, my corporate hangovers prevented me from going further, or maybe I did not have a clear purpose.

When I was a kid, my dad would get into bed with us, and tell us a story. When I had my daughter, I would get into bed with her, and read her stories – Brer Rabbit, Geronimo Stilton etc.

When I had my son, there was a phase when he would love Little Red Riding Hood, and wanted to hear the tale every night. It was really irritating having to read the same damned story every night, so I started to make my own variations. Sometimes the colours of the cloak would change. Sometimes the granny ate the wolf. Sometimes the hunter was really just a coward. Anyway, from there we moved to Brer Rabbit, Geronimo Stilton, the modified nursery rhymes by Roald Dahl etc.

One day, I read them the opening paragraphs of ‘Percival’. They insisted I write further. So, I did. It became one long, rambling piece called ‘The Unending Saga of Percival The Pig’. I had written some 160 episodes, each being almost 1,000 words long. Then, I lost it.

It was gone.

By this time, the kids had discovered Harry Potter and mobile phones, so the sense of wonder was somewhat dimmed. Not dimmed enough, however, for them not to insist that I rewrite it and publish it.

I hummed and hawed. I had, by this time, told the tale to an old, old friend of mine. She bugged me to write. The kids bugged me to write.

So, when I was out of the corporate world, I did sit down to write it. And, that is the brief story of how this was born.


      1. I would love to go farther away though…to get a REAL milky way photo….I mean the one I did is ok BUT! I know it could be so incredible away from all this civilization stuff. 😉

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