Mongrel Writing – Dreams & Dreaming

The challenge this time, was to write on dreams.

While having an illicit samosa and chai, this is what I wrote.

“Dreams have held different meanings for me over the years. When I was a teenager, reading about the occult and the Dark Arts, I felt that dreams held the keys to my subconscious. There were three dreams that I had had as a child in Nainital. These were recurring dreams. The first had me standing on a tall cliff, which fell away, leaving me alone on a narrow tower. The world was small and far away from the height at which I stood. I stood there alone, afraid, scared. In the second dream I was again alone on that tower, but now I was reaching my arms up to the sky, feeling the power of Nature coursing through my body, with my arms as the conduit for this power.

In the third dream, I am alone and standing at the edge of a cliff. I have a beard and shoulder length hair. I am at the end of my life, watching the world far away, and looking over at the life that I have lived. I am alone as I prepare to take the last step of my life, and my first step into the unknown. This is the last great, unsolved mystery of mankind. There is a sense of melancholy in me, and the realisation grows that I must take this last step alone. There is no fear in me, but I feel a twinge of sadness as I leave those behind me, while I prepare to take this last step.

Later in life, when I was in China, I recalled the immortal line of Martin Luther King – “I have a dream”, and I realised the power of dreams to move Heaven and Earth. In Beijing, where I was staying alone for a while, I would switch off the lights in my service apartment, and listen to Vikor Frankl’s audio book – “Man’s Search For Meaning”.

Martin and Viktor have danced in my subconscious for many years, and they have danced a beautiful tango together.

When I sat, looking at the Trishul Mountains in June 2013, Martin and Viktor came together for me. That’s when I knew that if Martin and Viktor can come together for you, it is a blessed thing indeed. While I have often strayed from the path I set out on then, I always try and find my way back.

If they come together for you then, from that moment on, you need the courage of conviction to pursue your path, your dreams. No matter how long and hard the path may see; there is gold indeed to be found at the end of the rainbow. And, like the hoopoe showed the birds, the gold may very well be inside you.”


  1. “Man’s Search For Meaning” for Viktor to find something positive from his experience is truly remarkable. Martin Luther King is another inspiring man.

  2. How dare you enjoy illicit samosas and chai without showing us?! This ending was precious – “And, like the hoopoe showed the birds, the gold may very well be inside you.” Great dream sequence, Rajiv. xo

      1. You know I love chai, especially on Sunday afternoons. And samosas are sadly, not digestible but I love to look at them. xo

      2. Ah, you love your daal! You must try some of the wonderful mutton curry that we make in India, or some kathi rolls

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