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That link above is one that features me, and what I have to say about Percival..


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I do give some background on the writing, on the story telling tradition that has been part of us..


For those who don’t want to click the link… here it is. The photo in the blog is a slightly older one of me.. I was very corporate at that time

“Rajiv Chopra, Percival
Posted under Partridge India Author Blogs

Jun 27
Partridge India is proud to introduce Rajiv Chopra, author of Percival.

Who is the author “behind” the book?

Percival by Rajiv ChopraI have often said that I was born, and from then on, I moved. My father was an army man, and I was born in a town called Ferozepore, near the India-Pakistan border. My parents came from, what is called ‘Undivided India’. In other parts, they came from that part of the world that is now in Pakistan.

As I grew, I came to realize that people of my parent’s generation left their heritage and history behind them in their old home. Centuries of collected stories and histories were almost wiped out by the political actions of a few men, in a few decades. However, they carried their customs and their stories with them, and these stories live on in my generation.

During my life, I have lived in four countries and many parts of India. I count myself blessed in this, as the exposure that I have gained in this has allowed me to incorporate many literary traditions into my writing, reading and my life.

I have always been very fond of stories. I have always been drawn to the world of magic, of mystery and, you might say, enchantment.

Rajiv Chopra, PercivalMy sisters, father and I, have always been great readers, and books were often my companions as a child. I grew up not only on the habit of reading Western books, but also ancient Indian stories as well. I was fascinated by old Indian books like the ‘Pancatantra’, and the ‘Kathasaritsagar’, where they deploy the device of writing stories within stories within stories.

My studies and work took me into the corporate world where I remained for many years. I had taken up photography in my early years, and this is something that remained with me right through my years as a corporate person.

Over the years, I realized again that, even in the corporate sphere, stories have a magical effect, and this holds true even when you are making a business presentation, the audience is (albeit subconsciously) drawn into the story behind the slides.

The same story-telling habit crept into my photography, where I have come around to the firm belief that every picture, or set of pictures, must tell a story.

Since I left the corporate world before a normal retirement, I decided to focus my career on writing and photography. For me, the magic lies in the nexus between the two.

When I started this book, I had no idea what shape it would take. It started almost on a whim, and I left it after a while. Then, when we were living in China (I am married, with two children), I read the small portion of what I had wrote to my children, and they begged for more. Soon enough, this became a fairly regular routine, and the story, which we then called ‘The Unending Saga of Percival the Pig’, became a weekly staple for my children.

When I lost everything I wrote, I just sat down and rewrote it as a book. This is how ‘Percival’ was finally born.

Partridge India will return with Rajiv Chopra in part 2.”


  1. Congratulations Rajiv…. in the world of magick you are a weaver of great energy
    Take Care…You Matter…

  2. Thank you for the interesting text and glimpse into your background, very intriguing and beautifully detailed.

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