Monochrome Madness – San Francisco

EPSON scanner image
Streets Of San Francisco

This is an old one, when my older sister and I were tottering after having too much beer at one of those craft breweries. She and I love our beer!

It was a sunny day..

I shot this using my Nikon F 75, and a 100 ASA film.



    1. Oh seriously? Wow… Well, as I said, I was tottering with my sis after too much beer!

      I like California, despite your old friend, Arnie!

      My sis lives in Redwood Shores. I am the only one of the three of us who stayed back in India

    1. It is indeed… Since I am replying, I must say that, in the corporate world, I used to drink wine. Then, I read a marvellous book on beer, and it was like a liberation.

      I am a beer man!

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