Lokispeakz: In the Dark (5)










Mary had a little lamb… her fleece was white as snow/ and every where that Mary went/ that lamb was sure to go.

Ho, Ho, Ho!

Yes, Mary loved to wander in the woods, and walk barefoot in the grasses. She loved to feel the wind in her hair, and I often heard her say that she could hear the voice of God in the wind.

Mary loved to sit by a tree, and listen to the birds chirp. She loved to sit there and read a book. I often heard her say that this time was, for her, blessed. She would commune with Nature, and would often feel the spirits of the living in her.

She would like to walk barefoot in the grass. She said that this helped her to feel the energy of the earth. Mary loved the feel of the dew on the grass. Mary had such pretty feet. Such pretty feet indeed.

Ho, Ho, Ho!

Yes, Mary had a little lamb, with fleece as white as snow.

One day, when Mary was walking in the grass, playing with the leaves that had fallen to the ground, she started to sing. Oh my. Such a delicate voice.

Then, she approached. She did not see me there, amongst the fallen leaves. I waited for her patiently. I wanted to savour her, with her pretty feet first. Yes, I did.

Oh Mary…. such delicate flavour.

Mary had a little lamb                                                                                                                                       With fleece turned wet and red,                                                                                                             And when Mary lay down and bled;                                                                                                         Nary a tear was shed..

Ho….. Ho….Ho…….



  1. supposed to say: OOOH! I knew kind of knew what was coming….but, ohhhhh, what a mind’s picture!

  2. still didn’t work…supposed to say: OOOH! I kind of knew what was coming….but, ohhhhh, what a mind’s picture!

      1. But, I have to say that I wrote this one faster than I would have liked to, and so it is less creepy than it should have been!

      1. Ya. I thought this one was a bit bland!

        My daughter and I watch horror films together. We just went to see ‘The Conjuring. 2″!

      2. Well, I did watch, and own, the entire series of ‘Saw”. Now, that is gross. The first movies were very good. Had a psychological edge to them. Later, they became just gross

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