Mongrel Verse: Afraid

I am, in a sense, back!

This is a little thing that I wrote when I was away, in response to Esther Newton’s weekly challenge.

The idea was to do something on the topic – “Afraid”.

Initially, I thought that I would do something evil, something psychological

Then, I decided to do a bit of nonsense verse, since I was in a nice mood. We all know of The Old Man of The Mountains, The Old Man of The Moon etc etc.. So, here goes

“Let me tell you about the Man on The Moon;                                                                                          Living alone, he became quite the loon.                                                                                                             For some reason, somehow, afraid of the dark –                                                                                             He was always up, like the proverbial lark.

The Man on The Moon sang quite the tune –                                                                                                  Always afraid, he’d fall off the moon.                                                                                                                 Scared of his shadow, he always ran fast.                                                                                                         One day he slipped, putting his leg in a cast. 

The Man on The Moon was always afraid –                                                                                                     He stuttered with fear at the sight of the maid.                                                                                                 He pissed in his pants, and made them quite wet;                                                                                         Has he overcome his fears? Oh no! Not quite yet!

This was the tale of The Man on The Moon;                                                                                                     Living alone, he became quite the loon.                                                                                                             For some reason, somehow, he was afraid of the dark.                                                                                  Finally, poor chap, was eaten by a shark!”

I hope you all like it 😉



      1. You are welcome

        Btw.. I made one small change in the workspace… I separated the channels panel from the layers one

      2. Oh I like them together only because I save alphas sometimes I need them right there. But everyone is different! There are so many options it makes my head spin!!

      3. Oh yes… I remember you mentioned that quite some time back! Dang! I must return with some Chinese for you!

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