Lokispeakz – In The Dark (3)


She rushed and shut the door just in time. Her heart was panting. As the cliche goes, it was pounding against her chest, and it seemed as though a person was sitting inside her, with a sledge hammer, pounding and pounding away.

She sank to the floor, and started to cry. The growls came from the outside, incessant and insistent. Turning to look, she saw his crazed eyes, the blood on the window, and the lip that had rotted away. Had this strange creature ever been human? She was sure that part of it – him – had been human, and some part of him still was.

Fascinated, she kept looking into those crazed eyes, and them something inside her changed. The pounding inside her kept on, but the fear and loathing seemed to be giving away to something different. Sympathy? Pity?

Those half crazed eyes looked at her, and the growl seemed to give way to a sly smile. The creature sensed the changing of the tide, and the growls gave way to different sounds. He – it – seemed to coo at her.

On her hands and knees, she crawled towards the door, and a warmth seemed to spread below her belly. Shaking her head, she slumped to the floor again. Was she mad? Why did she feel so warm? Why was she wet? Was she truly crazy?

What about her boyfriend, the one she had abandoned? He was so very nice, yet he did not have the virility that this creature has. His eyes beckoned her, and with a magnetic pull, he seemed to draw her towards him.

Reaching up, she opened the latch, and let him in….

Holding his hand, she pulled it towards the delicate parts of her body. The claws reached out and pulled her clothes off. Flinching, she jumped, as they scraped her naked skin. Blood flowed from between her legs, and she felt his tongue flicking at her. Blood mixed with other fluids, and she screamed in pain and pleasure.

The pleasure was unbelievable, and the pain was unbearable, and she fell to the floor. In the grasp of this crazed creature, and in the twin sensations enveloping her, she lost consciousness….



    1. hee!hee! Well,, there will be a one week break. I discovered, 2 hours ago, that my wife has booked us on a one week holiday, starting Thursday..

      1. What a sweetheart you have there, Rajiv.
        Have a great time and we’ll see you when you come back.

      2. Our younger son has done a little work on it. I have some mixing to do then I’ll send it on to you.

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